Getting Pokémon GO’s Mothim is quite an easy task if players know what to do. The Pokémon originally introduced in Generation 4’s Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is available in the popular mobile game, though its presence is fairly rare. As its name suggests, the creature is a moth-like Bug- and Flying-type creature with four wings and a dark grey, yellow, and orange color palette.

Having the creature registered in one’s Pokédex or simply obtaining it to complete a limited-time collection challenge is essential for most players. Mothim is one of the required Pokémon to get to complete Pokémon GO Festival of Colors 2023’s collection challenge. Luckily, acquiring a Mothim in Pokémon GO is a simple endeavor.

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How To Evolve Burmy Into Mothim

A Mothim flying, as seen in the Pokemon anime.

Ultimately, to get Mothim in Pokémon GO, Trainers will need to evolve a Burmy. This action will require a total of 50x Burmy Candy. However, it is important to note that only a male Burmy will evolve into Mothim. If players do that to a female Burmy, it will turn into a Wormadam. Once a player has the male Burmy and uses 50x Candy to evolve it, they should acquire Mothim without any major complications.

A curious fact is that Burmy has different forms in Pokémon GO, much like in the other games in which it is present. Because it is based on a bagworm, its cloaking depends on the environment in which it lives. Burmy can have a Plant Cloak, Sandy Cloak, or Trash Cloak. These different forms affect how the Wormadam will look once evolved since it continues to be a bagworm Pokémon and its typing. They do not, however, have any effect on Mothim in Pokémon GO or any other game.

How To Find Different Types Of Burmy

Three different forms of Burmy in Pokémon GO

Despite not impacting Mothim’s visuals or typing, these different types of Burmy can be encountered and collected throughout the map in Pokémon GO. Much like the mainline games, Burmy’s form is determined by the environment it spawns in. For example, the Plant Cloak Burmy mostly spawns in parks, forests, and general grassy locations, while the Sandy Cloak Burmy normally appears near beaches or other areas with sand. For the most part, the Trash Cloak Burmy shows up in urban areas, away from vegetation.

However, it is possible to encounter different forms of Burmy outside their natural environment. Nonetheless, this does not affect getting Mothim since that relies solely on the held Burmy’s gender. Neither Burmy, Wormadam, nor Mothim is among the best Bug-types in Pokémon GO, but they are necessary for staying up-to-date with the Pokédex and completing limited-time collection challenges.

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