Players exploring the Museum in Atomic Heart can choose to help the corpse of a dead tour guide who is desperate to find her missing students.

There are many missions and side quests for players to complete in the action-adventure game Atomic Heart, including the Where To Find The Missing Students quest. In this science fiction, BioShock-like game, players must explore the remains of a post-apocalyptic Soviet Union, overrun with haywire robots and parasitic mutants. While trying to uncover and stop the source of the rampant mutations, there’s nothing stopping the player from helping those in need.


Players will find the corpse of a tour guide while exploring the museum. Keeping in line with Atomic Heart’s creepy, surreal, and engaging design the dead tour guide will ask you to find three missing students who ran off when the robots attacked. Perhaps they’re still alive, perhaps they’re dead, but the tour guide’s corpse cannot rest easy until they know what has happened to them.

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Where To Find the Missing Students in Atomic Heart

A dead student in Atomic Heart

The four students are scattered around the museum, so a player could conceivably just search every nook and cranny. But it’s much better to have guide posts. The first student can be found in the botanical area of the museum, within the corridors behind some sealed doors. Like most of the plot of Atomic Heart, the player can advance by talking to a corpse. This one, calling itself Oracle, can be tricked into opening the door, beyond which the player will find the corpse of one of the students up the stairs. The conversation with this corpse is brief, and a bit depressing.

The next student can be found in the Sakhalin exhibit on floor two, by the stairwell and infected plants. She’s dead as well. A cleaning robot will be trying and failing to move the corpse, and can be moved with a simple shock. The player can then converse with the corpse and advance the quest.

The third student is up by the power relay at the top of the museum. As can be surmised from the quest so far and the destruction we see in Atomic Heart’s many trailers, he’s dead. At least he didn’t ‘stray from the collective’ in his own words.

The fourth and final student’s corpse is up in the third-floor medical wing. Unlike the others, her last thoughts are caught in and endless loop of how she died, but the game indicates she was part of the tour. The tour guide is happy enough to have closure, but she has no rewards to give the player, just some complaints and a useful tidbit of information for Atomic Heart.

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    Atomic Heart is an action-RPG/first-person shooter hybrid game from developer Mundfish, set in an alternate 1955. The Soviets achieved significant advances in robotic sciences, allowing them to clench victory over Nazi Germany with a far greater cost, meaning that human labor mainly was supplanted with robots. When robots go haywire before the rollout of the new hivemind that controls them, the protagonist, a mentally compromised KGB agent nicknamed P-3, is sent to destroy the robots before the country falls to ruin. The music is composed by DOOM and Killer Instinct 2016 veteran Mick Gordon to create a distinct industrial and dystopian sound to fit the game’s high-intensity action set pieces.


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