Snapchat’s new Sound Recommendations feature is here, and it helps users discover popular audio tracks that other Snapchatters use with a Lens.

Popular social media platform Snapchat has released a new feature that recommends sounds based on the Lens used to create the Snap, called Sound Recommendations. Snap announced Sound Recommendations and another feature, Sounds Sync for Camera Roll, through a news blog published on Feb. 23, 2022. After Snap discontinued Minis and Games, this is the first feature announced by the company.

While using Snapchat, users might be unsure about which soundtrack to use with the image or the video. This is where the Sound Recommendations feature comes in: it helps Snapchatters find relevant Sounds to use with particular Lenses. For instance, if someone uses the Vibe Glasses Lens on Snapchat, the app will recommend specific songs with the Lens that other Snapchatters use. To access the feature, click a Snap using the desired Lens, then tap on the musical note icon in the menu to the right.


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Snapchat Popular With This Lens feature in action

On the following screen, select a track from the ‘Popular With This Lens’ section and tap on the arrow to its right. Then press the ‘Next’ button and select the portion of the track that best suits the Snap. Once done, tap on the yellow tick in the bottom right corner. Finally, place the song tag at the required place on the Snap and tap the ‘Send To’ button. Send the Snap to friends by ticking the box beside their name or to a Snapchat Shortcut (if there’s one).

Users can also put this Snap as their story by selecting ‘My Story’ on the ‘Send To’ screen. If users don’t like the tracks in the list under ‘Popular With This Lens,’ they can find their favorite artists or sounds through the search box at the top. The steps to add tracks from the search results are the same. In addition, Snapchat has a new Trending music section containing songs that are a hit in the region. It is important to note that the listing and availability of tracks depend on a users geographic location.

Apart from Popular tracks, one can insert recorded sounds into their Snaps. To do this, click a Snap using the Snapchat camera, tap the music icon on the right, and select ‘My Favorites.’ Next, tap ‘My Sounds’ and hit ‘Create Sound.’ Select ‘Record Sounds’ from the available options and then press the microphone icon to record a sound. Once then, hit the microphone icon again, name the sound, and tap ‘Save Sound.’ Now, add the sound to the Snap through the Snapchat app.

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