There are over 100 different fish in Palia for players to catch, including the Eyeless Minnow. They range in rarity, making the rare fish more difficult to catch, usually requiring fishing rod upgrades or specific bait. Meanwhile, the more common types can be caught with no bait and a plain fishing rod.

Unfortunately, when it comes to fishing in Palia, it is not too dissimilar from fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley or other similar cozy life sim games. The fish each have their own unique habitat and time of day in which they can be caught, so looking for them outside these locations or times will result in endless frustration as the fish will never present itself.

Where To Find The Eyeless Minnow

Map in Palia showing where to find Eyeless Minnow

The Eyeless Minnow is a little bit more difficult to track down than most fish, but its description does lend some insight into its habitat as it states that the fish became eyeless due to its lack of need for sight. As they’re only going to be found in dark caves around the Kilima Village or Bahari Bay in Palia, it makes sense why they no longer needed eyes. Though they can be found in any cave around the area, a good starting point is the cave in Pavel Mines near the Flooded Fortress.

Despite that eyeless Minnow is a common fish, meaning it won’t require any extra effort to catch, it will still only be caught during specified times of the day in Palia. Specifically, the Eyeless Minnows catch times are between 6pm and 9pm, meaning it is only going to be found in the evening.

Beware that even with all the required conditions met, it may still take a couple of tries to secure the Eyeless Minnow as other common fish types may appear on the line as well.

How To Catch The Eyeless Minnow

Eyeless Minnow screen in Palia

With the knowledge of where and when to look for an Eyeless Minnow, the only thing left is to actually catch it. Since it’s a common fish there is no need for any crafted Palia tool upgrades, specifically to the fishing rod, and there is also no need for bait.

Equip any fishing rod and select the no-bait option to have the best odds at catching the Eyeless Minnow. Be warned that using bait will not increase the odds of catching this fish, it will actually lower them as the bait will make it more likely to secure a rare fish instead.

After a couple of tries, players should be able to build up a nice stock of Eyeless Minnow. Be sure to wait until there is a secure bite on the line before reeling in. As with fishing in similar games, once hooked it will initiate a mini-game that must be won in order to successfully catch the fish. Once caught, the Eyeless Minnow can be sold for 20 Gold with the Star version being sold for 30 Gold each in Palia.

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