Graphorn Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy are an unlockable Mount available late in the game, but in order to catch them, players must be ready for a fight.

Players hoping to catch a Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy will have to complete a fair bit of the game before it becomes possible. Graphorns are not flying Mounts, but they are very useful for charging across the vast landscapes surrounding Hogwarts. They will also trample any enemy in a player’s path.

Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy are capable of being found and rescued. These Beasts can then be taken to the Room of Requirement, where players can have up to four Vivariums for Beasts to live in. In total, players can have four different species living in each Vivarium, and twelve individual Beasts. This is enough space to have one of each species in the game, including Graphorns.


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Unlocking Graphorns in Hogwarts Legacy

A Graphorn from Hogwarts Legacy in the Vivarium

After completing San Bakar’s Trial, the quest to find and rescue the Graphorn will unlock. Specifically, one of the parts of this main quest is the Lord of the Shore quest, and in it, players will have to defeat a Graphorn in battle. Like any battle, have potions and combat spells at the ready. Defeat this Graphorn, and the player can ride it back to Professor Fig and smash any enemies in the way.

Completing this quest will unlock this particular Graphorn as a Mount in Hogwarts Legacy. From there, players can locate the Graphorn Den at the very south end of the map, in Clagmar Coast. This is the only Den that players will be able to spawn and capture Graphorn in.

As with Unicorns, only one will spawn at a time as well, so players may have to return or skip time in order to spawn more than one. This is the only way to get a breeding pair. Additionally, as with the original Graphorn, players will have to find and defeat every Graphorn that spawns that they wish to keep.

As YouTuber DPJ suggests, it is possible to stand above the Graphorn Den and fight the Beasts from there. Once the Graphorns are defeated, the player can jump down and use the Nab-Sack spell in Hogwarts Legacy to capture the Beasts.

Captured Beasts can either be returned to the Vivarium or taken to The Brood and Peck to be sold. Players can make a fair amount of coin by selling Beasts, but keeping them in the Room of Requirement and taking care of them will allow players to collect ingredients from them. These ingredients can be used to upgrade gear. Particularly this late in the game, upgrading gear will allow players to face the final missions with the best gear possible in Hogwarts Legacy.

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