Netflix has always allowed users to customize the appearance and font of subtitles and closed captions, and there’s now a way to do it on smart TVs. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, and one that is primarily responsible for the cord-cutting movement that gained momentum over the last decade. It is available on all major platforms, either as a native app or via the web. Users can access the service on their computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, and a myriad of other devices.


Users wanting to change the size and style of the subtitles and closed captions on Netflix can choose between multiple options. To start off, there are three font sizes to choose from, including small, medium and large. In terms of text style, users can either choose ‘Light,’ which is black text with white background, ‘Drop Shadow,’ which is white text on transparent background, ‘Dark,’ which is white text with black background, and ‘Contrast,’ which offers a stark yellow text with black background.

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Change Netflix Subtitle Style And Size

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To change the subtitle font size or style on a smart TV or streaming device, start playing the target video and then select the gear symbol (Settings) in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once the settings pop up, users can switch between the available options to select the one that suits their needs and style the most. Since there are three sizes and four styles to choose from, users can experiment with the various available options before settling on one.

For those watching Netflix on a computer using a web browser, navigate to the ‘Account’ page and then go over to the ‘Profile & Parental Controls’ section. Now select a profile and then hit ‘Change’ to alter the subtitle appearance. The feature isn’t available in some languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Thai, and Traditional Chinese. Netflix also says that some older devices may not offer users the ability to change subtitle appearance, either.

While subtitles and closed captions are critical for people watching foreign language content, it is also a major accessibility feature that helps users with hearing impairments. Enabling subtitles is also a personal preference, with many users preferring to have them on so that they don’t miss out on the dialogue when watching TV shows and movies. For those who watch Netflix primarily on their TVs, the ability to customize the look of the subtitles without having to open a web browser is a welcome addition.

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