Snapchat’s Sounds Sync for Camera Roll is a useful feature that helps users create montage videos accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

Snapchat‘s Sounds Sync for Camera Roll feature makes it easy for users to create montage videos in sync with audio tracks. A lot of new Snapchat features have been restricted to Snapchat+ subscribers lately, leaving non-paying users wanting more. However, Sounds Sync for Camera Roll is an audio feature that Snapchat rolled out for all users, alongside Sounds Recommendations for Lenses.

As the name suggests, Sounds Sync For Camera Roll places selected photos and videos from a user’s camera in sync with an audio track. As a result, the montage becomes much more appealing than a regular video with a soundtrack. To use the feature, open Snapchat, tap on the ‘Memories‘ icon to the left of the shutter button, and open ‘Camera Roll.‘ Then tap the floating yellow musical note button in the bottom right corner.


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Create Perfectly-Synced Montage Videos

Screenshots of steps to use Sounds Sync for Camera Roll feature on Snapchat

After this, select between four and 20 photos and/or videos from the camera roll and hit ‘Next‘ in the bottom right corner. On the following screen, Snapchat will recommend a few songs that go best with the photos and videos under ‘Select a sound to sync your Snap to the beat!‘ Select one of these songs and wait for the app to sequence the clips. Try multiple tracks to experiment and see which one suits the montage best.

Finally, share the montage with friends on Snapchat using the ‘Send To‘ button. The Sounds Sync for Camera Roll feature adds another way for Snapchatters to add fun to their Snaps and make them more engaging. While the feature should be helpful for regular users, it will be more beneficial for professional creators who post public Stories on the app regularly. For Snapchat users who like to share content on Instagram, the synced montage video feature will allow them to download the montage to the camera roll, where it can then be shared to other apps.

Sounds Sync for camera roll works similarly to Sounds Recommendations from Lenses, given that both features recommend sounds to add based on the content a user is uploading. For Lenses, Snapchat users will be able to see a list of popular sounds associated with that particular Lens and add them to a Snap. Both these features are now available in the United States, and are rolling out to Snapchat users across the world on both iPhone and Android.

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