In Wild Hearts, the Spineglider is a green squirrel-like Kemono whose footholds and tail attacks require players to be quick and precise.

The Spineglider is a strangely beautiful Giant Kemono that players can hunt in Wild Hearts. The monster resembles a squirrel or sugar glider with complex green patterns. Hunting this Kemono is an important part of the main story and an exciting challenge.

Just as the Goldshard Kemono of Wild Hearts has its signature spines, the Spineglider’s most recognizable attack pattern involves creating footholds and stone pillars out of a quickly-solidifying liquid in its tail. These footholds act as the main launch point for a variety of attacks. Without the footholds, the Spineglider can tackle the player with its horn or hit them with its tail. Lastly, in an enraged state, the Spineglider creates a ring of stone pillars and attacks more aggressively with its tail.


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Best Strategy To Fight The Spineglider In Wild Hearts

The Cyclopedia page for the Spineglider in Wild Hearts

The Spineglider is a Water attributed Kemono in Wild Hearts with resistance to Water and Earth. Wood and Fire attributes are more effective against this monster, with Pummel weapons in Wild Hearts dealing the most damage against it. The weakest point on the Spineglider is along its body, although the tail is good to strike during the Kemono’s enraged state.

While fighting the Spineglider in Wild Hearts, players must keep an eye on the monster’s tail. Many of the Kemono’s attacks involve the tail sweeping the player aside or filling the tail with liquid and bouncing on it. The Bow can prove useful during this latter attack, as players can pop the tail open, severely harming the Spineglider. Players must keep moving to avoid the agile beast and destroy any footholds it creates to limit attack opportunities, which is part of why the elemental monster hunting of Wild Hearts is so fun.

The Spineglider can be found on Natsukodachi Isle. Players can find the Spineglider at Coral Salt Swamp during the main story.

Since the Spineglider in Wild Hearts is based around Water, the armor players wear to the fight should resist that element. Instead, in order to combat the Kemono’s high mobility, players should make sure to use Spring Karakuri to dodge attacks. Even better, they can combine three Spring Karakuri into a Pounder Fusion Karakuri, sending a hammer into the Spineglider. This Karakuri is unlocked during the first Spineglider fight, just like players use the Bulwark Fusion Karakuri while fighting the Kingtusk of Wild Hearts.

After killing the Spineglider, players can collect Spineglider Horns, Spineglider Dripstones, Spineglider Hides, Spineglider Claws, Rare Spineglider Brine, Roaming Bard Teardrops, Roaming Bard Kemono Blood, or Small Zephyr Crystals. If players place their Spring Karakuri right, they’ll be able to enjoy all the Spineglider can give them in Wild Hearts.

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