The Ragetail is the first giant Kemono players fight in Wild Hearts, a flower-covered rat with a dangerous Tail Plum players can sever.

The Ragetail is the first giant Kemono players come across in Wild Hearts. The rat monster’s combat mechanics are difficult for players fresh out of the tutorial to fight. However, once players get the hang of their weapons and tools, the Ragetail will seem simple compared to the Kemonos they will face later.

In the first encounter with the Ragetail in Wild Hearts, players will only have access to the starting weapon in the Wild Hearts prologue, the Karakuri Katana, to stand against the Kemono’s dangerous tail. When the Ragetail is not charging, swiping, or slamming into the player, it wields its huge tail like a club. Luckily, the tail can be severed, severely reducing the beast’s capabilities and turning the fight in the player’s favor.

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How To Fight The Ragetail In Wild Hearts

The Cyclopedia entry on the Giant Kemono known as Ragetail in Wild Hearts

The Ragetail is a Wood-attribute Wild Hearts Kemono with a notable weakness to Fire-attributed weapons & attacks. If players can trigger the Ablaze, Frozen, or Entangled ailment, that will also significantly affect the Ragetail. Slash and Pummel weapons are best for physical attacks against the monster. The entire body is weak to attack, but the head is the best spot to strike, similar to the Goldshard Kemono of Wild Hearts. Most of these statistics won’t matter in the initial fight since players only have their starting materials.

Players can defeat the Ragetail in Wild Hearts by cleverly using their starting tools. Many of the Kemono’s attacks can be blocked by Crate Karakuri, temporarily stunning the beast and allowing players to attack freely. Players should also watch for the Ragetail’s pauses after an attack. This is the perfect time to get in a lot of damage. Considering how dangerous the tail is on this monster, it’s important to take a blade to it to limit attacks and reward players with the Ragetail Plum, useful in Wild Hearts‘ ancient crafting system.

Players who want to collect more materials after their initial fight can find a Ragetail in the Deserted Granary, Tavern Ruins, or other wide areas in Harugasumi Way.

Like with all Kemonos in Wild Hearts, the best armor and weapons for fighting the Ragetail are those that match its attributes. When players want to hunt the Ragetail a second time, they can enter the fight with Wood resistant armor and weapons with Fire attributes. Since the Ragetail sometimes attempts to run away, players should use Karakuri to catch up to the Kemono quickly, such as the Flying Vine Karakuri unlocked during the initial hunt for the Kingtusk in Wild Hearts.

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