Bleak Faith: Forsaken features combat similar to Soulsbourne titles with a few interesting twists, seen most apparent in the game’s first boss fight against Konrad, the Traitor, that players must beat. This seemingly tutorial boss has a variety of tricks up their sleeve to challenge players, including some tricky movements that make their attack patterns hard to predict. Although not as difficult as some of the other bosses players will meet throughout the game, Konrad the Traitor can still be a tough battle that catches people off guard during an initial playthrough.


One strategy players might want to implement before the boss fight would be farming Restorative Fluid from enemies near their respawn point before engaging Konrad in battle. Similar to the Dragon Cure Pot’s capacity in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, whose gameplay shares similarities with Bleak Faith: Forsaken, the boss becomes far more manageable with abundant healing items. Players may also want to explore the surrounding area for better gear if they are struggling against Konrad with subpar equipment.

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How To Defeat Konrad the Traitor in Bleak Faith: Forsaken

Bleak Faith: Forsaken First Boss of the Game Konrad the Traitor Defeated

Konrad the Traitor uses an enormous claymore, attacking the player with wide sweeping strikes that circle around the boss’ form. A good plan for players to follow would be to keep their distance as Konrad winds up these sweeping attacks, as the boss will usually circle the blade around for multiple swings before stopping. Defense is vital against the Traitor, as approaching the boss leaves the player open to getting hit multiple times for massive damage, similar to tougher enemies seen in Elden Ring.

A single heavy attack when Konrad stops builds good damage and lets the player retreat out of the Traitor’s range quickly.

Once Konrad’s health takes a couple of hits, the boss will start using new attacks that are quite unexpected. Konrad occasionally throws a projectile that leaves a lingering aura on the ground, draining a player’s health if they accidentally stay within it. The vial that holds this small explosive isn’t the issue, as it is easy to anticipate Konrad throwing it, but the lasting effect robs players of some space control around the boss arena.

The most challenging move of Konrad’s to avoid comes from a massive jumping attack that leaves a shockwave, which players cannot block. Players must jump to avoid this attack and have a chance to strike Konrad if they don’t get hit by the shockwave. Reminiscent of the tragic Dark Souls character Artorias, Konrad’s final gambit comes from a small white aura that explodes from them at low health, damaging players that stay too close. To beat Konrad the Traitor in Bleak Faith: Forsaken, players must remain patient and choose their attacks carefully, reacting with the right timing to take this boss down.

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