The Batman – Part II can reinvent a major scene from the Dark Knight trilogy, one that can further define Batman’s crusade while also testing his moral code. Coming from director Matt Reeves, The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, has kicked off an entire franchise apart from the primary DC Universe, existing as its own reality under the new “DC Elseworlds” banner. As such, Reeves can truly sink into the Batman mythos in new and fresh ways, though The Dark Knight did establish an incredibly compelling part of Bruce Wayne’s origins as Batman that should be mirrored despite Pattinson’s version having already been Batman for a couple of years.


Not much is known about The Batman – Part II, but it’s expected that Bruce Wayne will be working within the context of his new outlook as a vigilante after defeating the Riddler. Having realized that he needs to be more than just pure vengeance to truly save his city, Pattinson’s Batman will likely be working to become a bringer of true justice, reshaping his legend in order to be a source of light to the innocent while still keeping criminals fearful. However, The Dark Knight’s first film, Batman Begins, features a scene that could truly put that new mission to the test if replicated.

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Pattinson’s Batman Doesn’t Know Who Killed The Waynes

The Batman Bruce Wayne Parents Murder

In 2022’s The Batman, no one knows who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne, as the shooter is never identified or caught. That being said, the events surrounding the night of the murder in question all point to mob boss Carmine Falcone being to one to give the order, though there’s no evidence to back up the suspicions held by Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred. As a result, Bruce Wayne apparently begins his crusade as the Batman having no idea who was ultimately responsible for killing his parents.

This is one of The Batman’s more significant departures, seeing as how the Caped Crusader of the original comics has long known who killed his mother and father: a common criminal by the name of Joe Chill. To that end, Batman has faced his parents’ killer before on the page, having reconciled with their deaths by sticking to his one rule and refusing to kill the man who killed them. It’s also something Batman Begins showcased in a very dynamic way, with Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) attempting to confront Chill prior to his evolution as the Dark Knight.

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Joe Chill’s Role In The Dark Knight Trilogy Explained

Richard Brake as Joe Chill in Batman Begins

As seen in Batman Begins from director Christopher Nolan, Joe Chill is the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne just like he does in the comics, and he’s later caught by the GCPD and sentenced to prison. However, it’s revealed that Chill cut a deal years later after sharing a cell with Carmine Falcone, offering to share secrets about the mob boss in exchange for his freedom. Despite Chill’s public confession of regret for what he did to the Waynes, Bruce attempted to face Chill exiting the courthouse while carrying a handgun.

Much to Wayne’s surprise, one of Falcone’s men shot and killed Chill to silence him, therefore robbing Bruce of the opportunity for vengeance and leaving him wondering if he would have gone through with it. This sets Bruce on the path to start training while also vowing never to take a life as he protects Gotham from its own darkness. It’s a defining moment that shakes Bruce Wayne to his very core as he begins building his legend as Batman.

Joe Chill Would Be The Ultimate Test For The Batman Part II

Robert Pattinson the Batman Bruce wayne color

In a similar vein, Joe Chill being revealed as the Waynes’ killer in The Batman – Part II would be a major test for Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Despite his new evolution beyond vengeance, it’s hard to say definitively what this version of Bruce would do if he faced Chill. A reinvented encounter from what’s seen in the comics and was highlighted in the Dark Knight trilogy would certainly challenge Batman’s new commitment to being a different kind of vigilante than he once was. While it remains to be seen what The Batman – Part II will be about, Joe Chill would certainly be a dynamic addition to the next chapter.

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