Survivor 44’s Helen Li focuses on her social game as her strategy to win. She wants to win favor based on personality and form strong alliances

Helen Li is one of the newest cast members on Survivor 44, who plans to use her social game as her biggest asset. The 29-year-old product manager first watched the show after watching Survivor season 25 during her first year of college. Since then, Helen’s love for the show led to her applying to be on, seeing it as the ultimate way for a person to challenge themselves.

Survivor season 44‘s Helen takes inspiration from Survivor 41’s winner, Erika Casupanan, the first Canadian and first person of Filipino descent to win. She recognizes how Erika’s bubbly personality contributed to other contestants underestimating her and using it as a strength to get further in the game. When asked about her plans for competing on Survivor, Helen’s gameplay is similar to how Erika was on her season.


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Helen Believes Personality Will Take Her Far On Survivor 44

Helen did a preseason interview with Parade, discussing her plans for social gameplay on Survivor 44. Helen anticipates her fellow competitors recognizing her as a friendly and bubbly person. She said, “I’d love for them to perceive me as that. And then have some strategy behind the scenes that they’re not as aware of.” Helen believes that by having a more innocent appearance, the other Survivor 44 cast members will view her as less of a threat and keep her around longer in the game. This low-profile gameplay could take her far since players who showcase their strength get taken out when their gameplay becomes too threatening.

Helen Is Not Afraid To Betray Close Alliances To Win Survivor

Official cast photo of Survivor 44 castaways.

Helen wants an alliance where they can “bounce ideas off of each other” and “still have that mutual respect.” Helen also said, “I would love for someone who is working with me in an equal partnership but is more loyal to me than I am to them.” It is vital to recognize the chance of betrayal when involved in a close-knit alliance, similar to how Jesse Lopez blindsided Cody Assenmacher in Survivor 43. However, finding allies within her tribe will be imperative to help get her past the tribal phase of the Survivor game and keep her in post-merge.

Helen is a contender to win Survivor 44, considering her knowledge of the show and her emphasis on maintaining good social relationships in the game. Survivor 43’s Karla Cruz Godoy showed how far a friendly personality could take a person in the game, considering she was rarely targeted and had alliances with many contestants. Still, friendliness can only take a player so far early on in the game, especially if they are not an asset to their Survivor tribe for challenges.

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