• Suits has surpassed Wednesday’s six-week streaming record on Netflix, potentially becoming the most popular show on the streaming platform ever.
  • Suits’ success can be attributed to its eight seasons of content, broader appeal, strong cast, and interesting cases, making it approachable for viewers with limited knowledge of the legal system.
  • Suits has the potential to overtake Stranger Things as Netflix’s most popular show, as it has been steadily breaking records every week and shows no sign of losing momentum.

Wednesday was a big hit for Netflix but now Suits has not only beaten its viewership but might just become the most popular show on the streaming platform ever. Created by Aaron Korsh, the legal drama follows Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a Manhattan corporate lawyer with a powerful team, adjusting to Michael Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a new partner at the firm that throws everything off balance. Although season 9 of Suits isn’t on Netflix, it’s still proving to be a viewing juggernaut. and fans can’t get enough of watching the team cope with rivalries, betrayals, and all manner of intrigue while solving complex and entertaining cases.

Wednesday was created by horror auteur Tim Burton and starred Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, who left her infamously spooky family behind to study at Nevermore Academy and find where she belonged. Fans were intrigued to learn more about the misanthropic Addams child as the teen learned to master her psychic abilities, balance schoolwork with newfound social life, and eventually stop the same killing spree that involved her parents decades before. While both Wednesday and Suits trailed behind Stranger Things, Netflix’s most popular TV show of all time, that could soon change, particularly for Suits.

Suits’ 8 Seasons Explain Why Its Six-Week Streaming Record Beat Wednesday On Netflix

Netflix Wednesday Glaring at Harvey from Suits in Custom Image

Wednesday was a massive hit for Netflix, but Suits has its six-week streaming record beat thanks to a big difference in size, quantity, and value. Suits offers eight seasons worth of episodes on Netflix as opposed to Wednesday, which only has a single season so far. Six weeks affords viewers plenty of time to watch eight seasons worth of content, whereas, with only one season, Wednesday owes a lot of its streaming minutes to rewatches, either of the entire storyline or particular episodes (like the one that involves the viral Wednesday dance).

While a series with a much larger quantity of episodes can seem daunting to dive into, it also presents a certain level of sameness and stability. After the initial newness of Wednesday wore off, its quirky qualities might not have been so appealing to revisit. Generally speaking, Suits is aimed at adults and has a broader and more accessible appeal, whereas Wednesday is mostly aimed at teens and young adults and relies on either fans of Tim Burton movies or curious-minded viewers who don’t mind its spooky aesthetic, gore, and eccentric characters.

Harvey & Mike in Suits

Even though Suits ended 4 years ago, it’s still proving more popular than some Netflix originals that have come out in that time. The legal drama offers a mixture of serialized drama as well as episodic television that can be comfortably enjoyed by a wide demographic. It has good production values, a strong cast, and interesting cases and situations that allow for an exploration of complex narratives in a way that’s approachable, even for fans with limited knowledge of how the criminal justice system works.

Suits has a lot of strong elements that keep viewers coming back, from the tactics and strategies used to win cases to the deep interpersonal relationships of the characters, and of course the brotherly bond between Harvey and Mike. Netflix originals vary in quality, from storyline to production values, and seem to be canceled just as soon as they begin, so viewers may not feel inclined to waste their time getting invested. Then there’s also the royal angle – Meghan Markle left suits in 2017, but curious viewers who never watched the series the first time around might want to know about her breakout role as Rachel Zane.

Eleven uses her powers at school in Stranger Things season 4

Prior to the resurgence in interest around Suits, Stranger Things was the most popular TV show on Netflix, capitalizing on nostalgia for ’80s movies like The Goonies and Terminator while presenting unique world-building of its own with the Upside Down. Right now Suits is behind, but in the next couple of weeks, it might be able to overtake its streaming record, and not only hold it but blow past it, particularly since it’s been steadily in the pop culture zeitgeist ever since it dropped onto the platform. Time will tell, but it’s been breaking a new streaming record every week, and it shows no sign of losing momentum.

Like Wednesday, Stranger Things focuses a lot on teen problems and relies on love of the fantasy and sci-fi genres, and while enjoyable for adults, doesn’t carry the gravity of a series like Suits. Stranger Things’ final season is also being delayed until 2025, which means it might lose viewer interest. Even if Suits season 10 might be a bad idea, fans will probably get season 9 to hit the streaming platform’s library before Stranger Things wraps up, and then Suits streaming record will be a closed case.

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