As the member of Naruto‘s “next generation” most focused on becoming the Hokage, Boruto‘s Sarada now has the chance to eliminate any doubt others may have in her abilities to lead Konoha Village shinobi into the future.

Since the series’ debut, Sarada Uchiha has proudly declared her intention of becoming the next Hokage. However, while she’s shown glimpses of greatness, Boruto has not given Sarada her due, nor enough ‘screen time’ to truly show her abilities. However, after the most recent events in the manga, Sarada stands as the most important person for the survival of Boruto and the Konoha Village. If Sarada can save the day in this instance, she’ll be in a great spot to claim the title of Hokage when she comes of age.


This Is Saradaìs Moment To Prove She Is Hokage Material

Sarada Basically Admits Her Love For Boruto

Sarada finds herself in this position due to the inexplicable ability not to be affected by Eida’s power of Omnipotence which, after Boruto chapter #78, presumably affected everyone else but Boruto, Kawaki, Daemon, and Sumire. While Sumire is also in a position to do something, her skill level, experience, and drive are no match for Sarada’s abilities. Moreover, Sarada’s feelings for Boruto give her more reason to take action. Sara already achieved her first success when she convinced her father Sasuke to go help Boruto. Despite being under the effect of Eida’s spell, Sasuke was convinced by the awakening of Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan and by the pure love and trust he has towards his daughter. Sasuke’s intervention allowed Boruto to escape and will likely give the hero time to train and prepare for his comeback. However, Sarada has remained in Konoha, which gives her the chance to act on her own.

Sarada could directly confront the Kawaki-Eida threat herself. Fortunately, she has the element of surprise in that neither Kawaki nor Eida knows she is impervious to Eida’s charms. Moreover, Eida really likes Sarada and sees her as a “true” friend. On the one hand, Sarada can try to convince Eida that what she is doing is wrong and will ultimately harm her chances of being with Kawaki. Conversely, Sarada could attack Eida, when she least expects it to either incapacitate or kill her. However, according to Momoshiki’s words, neither of those would actually end the effect of Omnipotence, so Sarada will have to find another way.

At this point of the story, with Naruto trapped in another dimension, her father Sasuke branded as a traitor, and everyone else hunting for Boruto, Sarada stands at the intersection of greatness and mediocrity, and this will be without a doubt her best chance to prove that one day she will be able to guide Konoha as the next Hokage.

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