Warning: Contains SPOILERS for You season 4 part 2!Marienne’s plan in You season 4 part 2 directly helps set up You season 5, where she could return for a pivotal role. After being the newest obsession of Joe Goldberg in season 3, Marienne was set up to once again play a major role in You season 4. The show delivered a surprise in part 1 with Joe sparing her life, which could have ended her story. However, You season 4 part 2 proved that there was more going on. She returns in the back half of the season as Joe learns that he is the Eat the Rich Killer and did not let Marienne return to her daughter.

One of the big twists in You season 4 part 2’s ending is that Joe’s darker personality made sure that they kidnapped Marienne instead of killing her or letting her go freely. This meant spending time with Joe as he rebuilt his cage for her, and she was then kept as his prisoner. Understandably, Marienne’s You season 4 part 2 story included her worrying about needing to get back to her daughter, which became the catalyst for her planning to get away from Joe. While she is successful at the end of the day, Marienne’s plan and the You season 4 ending sets up the story for You season 5.

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Marienne Faked Her Death In You Season 4

You Season 4 Marienne In Cage

The main part of Marienne’s plan to get away from Joe meant faking her death in You season 4. The show takes its time to explain what happened to her fully, but it is originally presented that Marienne overdosed after a relapse. Joe finds Marienne in the cage shortly after telling her that she has lost custody of her daughter because of how long she’s been missing. The heartbreak experienced by her at this time is used as the motivation for why Marienne died. It was an unexpected twist in Joe’s plan to end the cycle, and she is dead as far as he is concerned.

The truth is that Marienne faked her death as part of an elaborate plan devised with Nadia after she found her in Joe’s cage. They originally consider a plan that involves Nadia drugging Joe so he is knocked out, freeing Marienne from the cage, and then Marienne killing Joe. After Nadia got arrested and lost the knife that Marienne was going to use to kill Joe, they were forced to switch to their riskier plan. This alternate Marienne plan in You season 4 included faking her death and Nadia then helping her escape once and for all.

How Marienne & Nadia Tricked Joe

You Season 4 Nadia Crime Scene

Marienne and Nadia tricked Joe in You season 4 with their faked death plan through a few clever maneuvers. They first took Marienne’s phone and swapped out the phone number of the person watching Marienne’s daughter with Nadia’s number. This meant that when Joe the Eat the Rich Killer thought he was texting Beatrice for updates on Marienne’s daughter, he was really talking to Nadia. Nadia convinced Joe that kidnapping Marienne had led to her losing custody. This part of the plan created a motive for Marienne’s overdose, as she had lost the one thing she cared most about and would not be able to get her back.

Once Joe was convinced that he cost Marienne custody of her daughter, Marienne took a high enough dosage of ketamine that it would slow her heartbeat to the point where she would appear to be dead. Marienne put pills next to her to make the overdose look more believable. Joe decided to try and pass off Marienne’s death as another tragic relapse, as Joe’s problematic behavior returned. He took her body to the park and left her on a bench, but Nadia followed Joe and helped raise Marienne’s heart rate again. With Joe thinking she was dead, Marienne was free to return home.

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How Marienne Learning The Real Joe Is Back Sets Up Season 5

You Season 4 Marienne Alive

The setup for You season 5 comes at the end of season 4 with a quick moment that shows Marienne learning that the real Joe is back. She sees news reports that he has started over with Kate and has even reclaimed his original name. Marienne made it quite clear in You season 4 that she and her daughter would never be or feel safe as long as Joe is alive. She might have accepted the fact that her and Nadia’s plan to kill Joe did not work, but she might have found some comfort in thinking that he was not living the life he wanted.

Now that Marienne knows that Joe is living a happy life with Kate and is no longer burdened by his killer tendencies, it sets the stage for You season 5 to be about her bringing this new life crumbling down. It noticeably makes Marienne angry that Joe was able to reshape his story to one where he was the victim. As he potentially flourishes with Kate’s resources on his side, Marienne and her daughter always have to wonder if he could come after them as long as he is alive. Since You season 4 is not the end of the show, Marienne could attempt to expose the real Joe Goldberg.

Why Marienne Needs To Kill Joe For Good

Will Marienne Return In You Season 4 Part 2

Marienne’s setup for You season 5 means that she can kill Joe for good in the next season. Season 4 establishes that Marienne is not afraid to kill Joe if that is what it takes to protect her and her daughter from him once and for all. She missed her chance to kill him thanks to the new plan, but You season 5 can deliver this moment. The show has seemingly committed to the idea that Joe is not redeemable and is accepting his villainous acts. That could mean that Marienne kills Joe in You season 5 as a way to bring the series to a conclusion.

If Joe does die in You, it makes sense that Marienne would be the one to do it. She knows that Joe killed Love Quinn and others, making her one of the few people still alive who knows what he is truly capable of. Kate has already seemingly accepted him for being a killer, but Marienne is not blinded by her past feelings for Joe. She would be able to surprise Joe by returning to his life after her apparent death and permanently put an end to the cycle.

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How Marienne Can Save Nadia In You Season 5

You Season 4 Nadia Framed Murder

A big part of Marienne’s plan in You season 5 could involve saving Nadia too. Seeing Joe restarting his life with Kate is one thing, but Marienne could also learn that Nadia was arrested after being framed for murdering Eddie because of an Eat the Rich Killer obsession. Marienne would know that this is not what actually happened and suspect that Joe killed the boy and framed Nadia for it because he caught on to her. For as much as Marienne’s plan to potentially kill Joe could be about protecting her daughter, it would also go a long way in helping clear Nadia’s name potentially.

Exposing the truth about Joe Goldberg and the many people he’s killed would give Nadia the ability to testify with other evidence and claims backing up her story. Depending on how Marienne goes about ruining Joe’s life or killing him, she could even force him into a confession that would help Nadia. Since Nadia helped Marienne in such a significant way in You season 4, it only makes sense that she would repay the favor in season 5 and help save her.

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