The Family Chantel season 5 hasn’t officially gotten the green light from TLC, but Karen Everett may have just hinted that it’s on the way.

With the future of The Family Chantel still up in the air, Karen Everett may have just given fans hope that there will be another installment. Karen first gained popularity on 90 Day Fiancé with her husband, Thomas Everett. The two attracted attention as they grilled Pedro Jimeno, who is now their former son-in-law.

Pedro’s divorce from Chantel Everett is the main reason why it was suspected that the show wouldn’t go on. Whether the show would work without Pedro is up for debate. However, The Family Chantel‘s Karen Everett may be changing that conversation. It’s still true that, if Pedro were to stick around after everything he did to Chantel, it might be a no-win situation. As such, Karen’s possible hint provides a lot of food for thought.

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Did Karen Confirm The Family Chantel Season 5

Now, Karen’s showing that season 5 may come. Karen took to social media with Thomas, so they could do an Instagram Live. One of the commenters asked them to share juicy details about the show’s fate with fans, to which Karen said, “Not yet. Not yet to spill tea. But soon, alas, very soon…It might be sooner than later.” Commenters during the Live were enthusiastic, and one said, “Can’t wait for that tea.” Another remarked, “I really hope y’all get another season.” Once the stream was archived, The Family Chantel star‘s followers still expressed support, with some going as far as to suggest that Karen should have her own show.

TLC Is Stringing Along The Family Chantel Fans

With there being so many reasons why The Family Chantel season 5 won’t happen, any sign of a potential confirmation is a breath of fresh air. The lack of an official green light is probably a strategic move on TLC’s part. This happens pretty frequently when network execs are deciding whether to renew a show. Channels and producers will leave audiences hanging on purpose, so the show gets more buzz online. In fact, how fans respond between seasons can factor into whether a show is renewed. If network higher-ups like The Family Chantel‘s producers see intense interest from fans, and the promise that the next season will have higher ratings, then it’s usually a done deal.

Fans being so eager to know the fate of the show is a testament to what good TV can do for an audience. Television, as with all storytelling mediums, presents heroes to root for, like Chantel. It also shows villains to detest, like Pedro. The Family Chantel might be a fairly straightforward reality TV show, but at times, it does shine a light on the empathy that kindhearted cast members can display.

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