WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for Fast X.The Jason Momoa Fast X villain has a major connection to the events from Fast Five. The end of the Fast & Furious franchise is nearing, and Fast X is the first part of the finale revolving around Dominic Toretto and his family. The Jason Momoa Fast X villain, who is named Dante, joins a long list of franchise villains, and the Fast & Furious movies have made it a habit to connect their latest antagonists to past adventures of Dom and his crew. In the case of Dante, his connection involved a huge death, and that made him one of the most dangerous villains to date.


Now that Universal has released Fast X, everything about Jason Momoa’s villain has finally been revealed. He is prominently featured throughout the movie as he threatens the lives of the Toretto family and actively sets out to make Dom suffer. He also is lined up to remain the main villain heading into the end of The Fast Saga, although there are rumors that Universal wants two more movies after Fast X to finish out the story, instead of just one. With Dante’s plan taking on a new angle, it looks like the Jason Momoa Fast X role will keep rolling on for at least two more films.

Fast X Suggests Jason Momoa’s Character Is Reyes’ Son

Reyes in Fast Five.

The Jason Momoa Fast X character is villain Hernan Reyes’ son. Reyes was the main villain of Fast Five who was a wealthy politician and drug lord in Brazil. In that movie, Dom and Brian O’Connor stole a vault filled with his money by attaching it to their cars and ripping it out of the building. This was the moment that the franchise transformed from a series about car racing into giant heist movies with super spies and master criminals. They pulled it behind their cars through a race across the city, eventually ending on a bridge where Hernan died via a bullet from Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs.

Was Jason Momoa In Fast & Furious Before?

Fast X Jason Momoa Villain Dante Fast Five Flashback

Jason Momoa’s villain’s motives in Fast X show his dad Reyes’s death played into his actions in the new movie. Dante mentions that Dom is responsible for taking away his family, and it is time for Dom to lose his. The movie also showed that Dante was part of the major final chase in Fast Five. He was in one of the vehicles that was firing machine guns at Dom and Brian, and got knocked off the bridge — all shots the Fast X trailers made great use of when teasing Jason Momoa’s character and the fact Dante’s tied to previous Fast and Furious movies. Despite those scenes, Jason Momoa himself was not in Fast & Furious movies before the new installment. He was retroactively added to the events of Fast Five through these flashbacks.

What Jason Momoa Does In Fast X

Dante standing in an alley in Fast X.

The Jason Momoa Fast X character Dantied mentioned he actually died for a few seconds after that accident in Fast Five but revived while in the water. When he came out, his dad was dead and the money was gone. As a result, Dante took his father’s advice to not kill Dom but to make him suffer because that would hurt worse, a plan he’s been working on off-screen while all the movies between Fast Five and Fast X took place. Fast X also revealed that Dante was a diagnosed sociopath who had been in and out of mental institutions as a child. He also rose in his father’s company and took on a major role in the empire once Reyes was dead.

This gave Dante plenty of power and connections to accomplish the impossible. He set up a trap for Dom’s crew in Rome, where he framed everyone as terrorists, putting them on the world’s most wanted list and also removing their government connections. He then stole all their money and used it to hire mercenaries to hunt down Dom’s family. By the end, Dante had Dom alone, separated from his family, and a broken man. With Dante now targeting Hobbs, who killed his dad personally, it looks like the new Fast X villain has brought the entire family back together for what looks to be an explosive conclusion.

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