How I Met Your Mother stars Josh Radnor and Alyson Hannigan hold a mini-reunion in a new image shared through the actor’s Instagram page.

How I Met You Mother stars Josh Radnor and Alyson Hannigan reunited in a new selfie shared on Radnor’s Instagram page. Radnor and Hannigan starred as Ted Mosby and Lily Aldrin in the hit sitcom, playing roommates and best friends living in New York City alongside Marshall (Jason Segel), Robin (Cobie Smulders), and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). The cast spent nine years working together as co-stars but became relatively busy following the show’s finale, enjoying their steady stream of new projects. Radnor appeared in Prime Video’s Hunters, and Hannigan was featured on several TV projects and played Dr. Ann Possible in the live-action Kim Possible.

Recently, Radnor delivered a dose of How I Met Your Mother nostalgia on his Instagram, posing for a picture with Hannigan while out to lunch together.

The photo shows Radnor and Hannigan smiling while the actor left a post reflecting on seeing his How I Met Your Mother co-star. The actor continued to compliment his former co-start, including her sweater.

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Could Ted and Lily Cameo In How I Met Your Father?

Lily and Ted sitting on the red couch in How I Met Your Mother

With two original cast members already making appearances in How I Met Your Father, the spin-off carries on How I Met Your Mother‘s legacy. There was positive reception when Cobie Smulders’ Robin appeared in the season 1 finale. This marked the first time Smulders portrayed Robin since the original show’s season finale while exuding her character’s confident and hilarious personality. The spin-off follows up this moment with Barney Stinson featuring in the season 2 premiere. The cameo was very brief, but that single shot solidified more potential appearances from the original cast.

It seems very likely that Ted and Lily could return, given that Robin and Barney have been introduced. Considering Ted, Marshall, and Lily were the main characters, a few new characters were based on the trio. Sophie is the new Ted, while Sid and Hannah took on the couple dynamic, even getting married in season 1. When and how the cameo will happen is still to be determined, but with the show’s tendency to bring back popular tropes, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ted shows up at a renaissance fair or if Lily frequents art galleries with Sophie.

The How I Met Your Mother main cast isn’t alone in being called back for the show, as New York Yankee Derek Jeter made a cameo. Jeter had a small role in the original series but remains a How I Met Your Mother alum, with memorable moments sprinkled throughout the show. Jeter’s cameo in How I Met Your Father brought back some of the New York City mysticism. Some of the best tropes of How I Met Your Mother came from random run-ins with familiar New Yorkers, so, hopefully, Ted or Lily is next to appear.

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