Former Australian Survivor winner Hayley Leake entered Heroes V Villains with a massive target on her back, but she has managed to break several records so far on the stellar season. Hayley is a pain researcher from Sydney, and she became the Sole Survivor of Brains V Brawn in 2021. Although she was voted out after the merge in that season, she won her way back into the game. Hayley ultimately defeated notorious Australian Survivor villain “King” George Mladenov in the Final Two.


Hayley is currently competing as one of 11 returnees on Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, which also features 13 new castaways. Hayley is the only returning winner in the HVV cast, and entered the game with the “winner’s curse” at the top of her mind. The only previous Australian Survivor winners to return for a second season, Shane Gould and Jericho Malabonga, were the first two players eliminated on All-Stars. Two-time American winner Sandra Diaz-Twine was also voted out in the pre-merge on Blood V Water.

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Hayley Leake Now Holds Several Australian Survivor Records

During her winning run on Brains V Brawn, Hayley tied the Australian Survivor record for the most individual immunity challenge wins in a season, with five immunity victories. This accomplishment also meant that she won the most individual immunity challenges of any Australian Survivor winner. So far, her return trip has seen her break two new records. She is now the first Aussie champion to survive their first Tribal Council as a returnee, and the first returning winner to make the merge. Hayley commemorated this fact on Twitter, remarking, “I came into this game mentally preparing to be the first boot, but hoping I could weave some magic.

Hayley Leake Is Seen As A Threat On Heroes V Villains

Hayley Leake Heroes V Villains Australian Survivor posing with palm tree

Though she’s already been successful on HVV, Hayley still has her work cut out for her if she hopes to make a deep run. She narrowly escaped being blindsided in the pre-merge when a non-elimination Tribal Council twist canceled the vote. She was informed of her brush with Survivor death by her Brains V Brawn nemesis George and used that information to join his “Vigilantes” alliance, a faction of Villains and disgruntled Heroes who targeted a powerful coalition of Heroes.

Though she and George have become friends in real life since their first season, their relationship in the current game is still tenuous, and George may seek revenge on Hayley for besting him in Brains V Brawn. Hayley must proceed carefully to make it to the endgame of the season. As the only former winner in the game, she is the biggest target left besides George, and none of the remaining players would be wise to want to go to the end with her.

She will have to navigate a tightrope of power dynamics between the Vigilantes alliance and her former Heroes tribemates. Hayley will probably need a few lucky breaks to make it very much farther in the game, but if she’s proved anything during her time on Australian Survivor, it’s that she’ll take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way in the game.

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Australian Survivor airs Sunday through Tuesday on Network 10.

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