Gwendlyn Brown has posted reaction videos to Sister Wives season 17 episodes, offering fans a new perspective into the lives of her family members.

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown has been posting reaction videos on her YouTube channel, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the latest season’s episodes. Gwen is one of Kody Brown’s daughters with his ex-wife Christine Brown. Those who have watched Sister Wives from the start have seen Gwen grow up on the screen. Since appearing on the show, Gwen has grown into her own person, staying away from some of her Brown family members.

Gwen, who may appear in Sister Wives season 18, had a very different experience from her siblings. As one of the daughters of Kody and Christine, who divorced in late 2021, Gwen has an interesting take when it comes to her mother and Kody’s fellow wives. For instance, Gwen often calls out the behavior of Meri Brown, who left Kody along with Janelle Brown in late 2022. In her recap videos, Gwen offers commentary and shares her opinions on storylines, often critiquing the way the show is edited, along with her thoughts on her family.


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Gwendlyn Brown Points Out Sister Wives Inaccuracies

While Gwen does speak about the episodes in her Sister Wives recap videos, she also offers commentary about what is happening within them, shedding light on how the Brown family, which includes 18 kids, actually feels and behaves. If there are parts of the episodes that have been edited, she will point out the inaccuracies and correct them by explaining what actually happened to the best of her ability. During her recap videos, Gwen also discusses the way her family was when she was a child, especially how Kody has changed over the years, especially after Sister Wives became more popular.

Gwendlyn Brown Provides A New Perspective On Sister Wives

Even though Gwen’s videos typically recap the episodes, they also provide several other layers to the context of Sister Wives that viewers may not see initially. As one of the many Brown kids, Gwen, who’s the bravest on Sister Wives, has an inside look at the family dynamics since she has a personal relationship with them. She can understand the delicate, nuanced dynamics that are important in conflicts that arise throughout the family, which is often missed by viewers. Gwen can call out the editing on Sister Wives and point to things that may make the family look bad without cause. In turn, she can add context that may go over the audience’s heads.

With insight and knowledge that keeps her viewers interested and coming back, Gwen is offering more than just fun content on her channel. She is almost giving a behind-the-scenes look into what actually went down on the show. Hopefully, once Gwen is up-to-date with recapping Sister Wives season 17, she may take a look back into the show’s archives and recap the older seasons.

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