Grey’s Anatomy newcomer Midori Francis reflects on filming Ellen Pompeo’s exit. Despite being essential to the series’ success, the character of Meredith Grey (Pompeo) took on a smaller role during season 19, only appearing in seven episodes. While she is expected to return for the finale, Meredith said her goodbyes and eventually boarded a plane to Boston in “I’ll Follow the Sun.” Prior to her departure, Grey’s Anatomy introduced a number of new surgical interns, including Francis’ Mika Yasuda, who the show will continue to follow.


Though Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy exit led to negative reactions from longtime fans, it was still a significant moment for the series. In an interview with PEOPLE, Francis discusses how “cool” it was to be a part of the star’s last episodes and notes how much the show means to others. Read Francis’ comments about filming Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy exit below:

To know that she was taking a step back as a series regular and that we were going to get to be a part of that closing chapter of one phase of this iconic character… it was awesome that we got to be the new intern, but we got to be a part of that. That’s so cool. I mean, this show has meant so much to so many people, so to be there for such a big milestone was awesome.

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What Pompeo’s Exit Means For Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey looking serious in Grey's Anatomy season 19

Although there is no news concerning the future of Grey’s Anatomy, Pompeo’s exit does not guarantee that the long-running medical drama will end after season 19. By focusing on new staff, such as Mika, Lucas (Niko Terho), and Simone (Alexis Floyd), who are currently living together in Meredith’s house, the show has the potential to continue. Pompeo has teased that she will be back as well, and whether that is outside the season finale or not remains to be seen.

Much of Grey’s Anatomy centered around Meredith and her character arc, so different storylines moving forward are expected. The last two original cast members, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., serve as familiar faces in Pompeo’s absence, and the star herself will still be involved in Grey’s Anatomy as an executive producer. She can also be heard narrating the episodes, though it is worth wondering if she will resume that role in the future, should the show get renewed.

It will be interesting to see how long Grey’s Anatomy continues and how someone like Francis’ Mika progresses over the course of its run. Her comments regarding what filming those last episodes were like prove how impactful Pompeo and Meredith have been for the show. Those eager to learn more about the interns and Meredith’s potential return can be sure to tune into Grey’s Anatomy.

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