Dom Gabriel, from Netflix’s Perfect Match as well as The Mole, has made an impression on viewers from his recent run on the reality TV circuit. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the genuine, soft-spoken Dom was first introduced in the 2022 reboot of The Mole. Though he finished in an unimpressive eighth place, Dom was still cast on Perfect Match quickly after he was axed from the competition series. With Dom placed in a house with other Netflix reality stars, mainly known for their time on dating-based series, it wasn’t clear to him that he was out of his comfort zone.


While Dom was known by some when he entered the Perfect Match season 1 house on screen; however, his co-stars likely weren’t, as The Mole had not yet aired when Perfect Match season 1 was filming. With an air of mystery surrounding him, Dom quickly paired up with Francesca Farago, a notable Netflix reality TV villain. Others tried their hardest to woo Francesca away, but she stuck with Dom for the first few challenges before deciding to pair up with Love Is Blind‘s Damian Powers. Even though he’d been dumped, Dom kept an even-keeled demeanor and eventually paired up with another Too Hot To Handle star, Georgia Hassarati.

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Dom Gabriel Was Too Genuine For The Mole

While Dom was prepared for the social gameplay and cut-throat tactics of The Mole, he didn’t realize that it would come into play again in Perfect Match season 1. That bit of naivety might be what makes Dom so endearing and relatable to his audience, who are flocking to follow his every move. Though he was aware of the style of gameplay he could anticipate, The Mole wasn’t the game for Dom, who seems to have a difficult time being anything but deeply genuine. He explained to Vulture, “In hindsight, watching the show, I think it was just me who was unaware that [the gameplay] was kind of the same.”

Dom’s Authenticity Won Him More Than Just The Perfect Match

Going into Perfect Match as open as Dom was may have been more difficult, but it won him the adoration of his newfound fans. After the show ended, Dom, who shares funny Instagram videos, continued to make content about the show on his social media pages, and it has brought him from an unlucky competitor to a beloved star. Though he may not be cut out for the social games he’s chosen to play in the past, Dom is able to leverage his genuine personality and share his feelings with his audience, which makes him accessible and understandable in a way most reality TV stars aren’t.

While Perfect Match may not have brought long-lasting romantic love into Dom’s life, it did show him in the best light possible and introduce him to a brand-new audience. Though Dom, who’s no longer with Georgia isn’t sure about his future on reality TV, he seems to have enjoyed what he’s done thus far, and if anything is clear, it’s that he’d be accepted as a refreshing personality on any show where he’s allowed to be himself. With The Mole and Perfect Match behind him, it’ll be interesting to see what’s in the cards for Dom next.

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