• “Blue Beetle” exists within a larger DC Universe, with references to Superman, Flash, Metropolis, Central City, and Gotham City.
  • Director James Gunn confirmed that “Blue Beetle” is the first DC Universe character, indicating his intention to incorporate the character in the new DCU.
  • The future of “Blue Beetle” in the DCU is dependent on the success of the first film at the box office, but positive reviews and a refreshing story suggest potential for sequels and further appearances in the DC Universe.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for DC’s Blue Beetle

Although Blue Beetle is a largely isolated story, there is hope for Jaime Reyes (Xolo MaridueƱa) being featured in the new DCU. As Warner Bros. and DC Studios have begun sunsetting the previous DCEU which began with 2013’s Man of Steel, there are only two movies left in the old era. While the final film will be Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom releasing at the end of 2023, the other is Blue Beetle movie which has finally come to theaters with Jaime Reyes’ live-action debut on the big screen. However, Blue Beetle’s future in the new DCU is somewhat up in the air.

Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, Blue Beetle was originally intended to release directly to HBO Max. However, changes at Warner Bros saw the movie receiving a theatrical release instead. Additionally, James Gunn and Peter Safran became the new heads of DC Studios during Blue Beetle’s production. Envisioning a brand-new DCU where only some franchises are continuing while others will be rebooted such as Superman and Batman, there are pieces of connective tissue in Blue Beetle that help establish the character in the greater connected universe. Here are the larger DC connections in Blue Beetle and what James Gunn has said about Jaime Reyes being a part of the new DCU.

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Blue Beetle’s Larger DC Universe Connections Explained

Blue Beetle, Superman, and Batman in the DCU

While there aren’t very many, Blue Beetle is confirmed to exist within a version of a larger DC Universe thanks to a handful of references. Following his first flight as Blue Beetle after being chosen by the Scarab named Khaji Da (voiced by Becky G), a shaken and still-processing Jaime Reyes makes a reference to Superman who can also fly. Likewise, much of the connective tissue to other DC heroes takes place when Jaime and his Uncle Rudy (George Lopez) are shown the secret base of Ted Kord by his daughter Jenny (Bruna Marquezine).

Thanks to Uncle Rudy, references are made to both Superman and his city of Metropolis as well as Flash and Central City, comparing them both to Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle who was “not as good” of a superhero to the people of Palmera City, home of Kord Industries which also makes its on-screen debut in Blue Beetle. Batman’s Gotham City is also referenced via a sweatshirt worn by Jaime, confirming that he went to Gotham Law to get his college degree. However, Uncle Rudy believes Batman is a fascist with Kord’s Beetle and his gadgets being far more fun thanks to his greater sense of humor.

Additionally, DC’s Blue Beetle legacy with its previous heroes who carried the mantle are both referenced. Dan Garrett was an archeologist who found the Scarab at a dig, becoming the first host chosen by Khaji Da. A student of Dan’s, Ted Kord would become the second Blue Beetle albeit without the power of the Scarab, instead using his millions to build gadgets and vehicles. At some point, Ted disappeared and is confirmed to be missing during the events of Blue Beetle when the Scarab chooses Jaime. As confirmed by Blue Beetle’s post-credits scene, there’s certainly plenty of room to keep exploring the Blue Beetle legacy in possible DCU sequels.

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What James Gunn Has Said About Blue Beetle’s DCU Canonicity

James Gunn next to official artwork for the DCU's Blue Beetle

Interestingly enough, James Gunn recently confirmed Blue Beetle’s status on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast. During his guest appearance, Gunn confirmed that while the Superman: Legacy film Gunn is writing and directing himself will be the first proper DC Studios movie, Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle will officially be the first DC Universe character. This does help clear up the uncertainty of whether Blue Beetle would be part of the new DCU or would simply become an isolated story under the Elseworlds banner like Matt Reeves’ The Batman trilogy or Todd Phillips’ Joker movies starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Naturally, James Gunn had also been in support of the movie ahead of the film’s release. However, he also doubled down on Reyes’ new DCU status at Blue Beetle’s premiere, confirming on Instagram that Blue Beetle “would be an amazing part of the DCU going forward!”. The image can be viewed below:

It certainly seems as though James Gunn intends to incorporate Blue Beetle in the new DCU, continuing his story along with his family as well as the legacy of the hero overall.

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Will Blue Beetle Return In The DC Universe?

Blue Beetle 2 Image With Poster Image

Despite James Gunn’s comments of support for Blue Beetle in the new DCU, it’s worth noting that a possible Blue Beetle 2 has yet to be greenlit by Warner Bros. and DC Studios. After all, it stands to reason that Blue Beetle will still need to prove itself at the box office in order to justify sequels for the trilogy Angel Manuel Soto has in mind for a possible franchise. There’s clearly room for Jaime and Khaji Da’s story to grow, though time will tell if Blue Beetle will garner enough success for it to actually be told.

Thankfully, reviews have largely been positive for Blue Beetle, a great sign for the movie considering the less-than-stellar receptions to the last few DC offerings. With any luck, Blue Beetle is releasing at just the right time, coming on the tail end of a very busy summer release schedule while also being in the wake of the massive cultural event that was July’s Oppenheimer and Barbie’s massive dual release. Having both an engaging cast and story with both heart and humor, Blue Beetle is certainly a breath of fresh air that DC Studios has desperately been needing of late, something that may translate to box office success.

Hopefully, 2023’s Blue Beetle is only the beginning for Xolo MaridueƱa’s Jaime Reyes. With Gunn confirming that a Blue Beetle future will take place in the new DCU, all that needs to happen is a solid box office performance. With any luck, sequels will soon be in the works along with a possible Blue Beetle appearance in the confirmed Booster Gold series considering the time-traveling hero’s beloved friendship with Ted Kord in the comics and past partnerships with Jaime’s Blue Beetle. All things considered, Blue Beetle’s DCU future is looking very optimistic.

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