One of Shoto Todoroki’s most distinctive features is the scar over his left eye, but just how did the hero-in-training end up with this scar, anyway?

Shoto Todoroki of My Hero Academia is a popular character who’s had a rough go at life. One of the most obvious signs of this fact is the large scar he bears on his face, but how did Todoroki end up with this mark?

Shoto Todoroki is the son of Endeavor, real name Enji Todoroki, one of the top pro heroes in My Hero Academia‘s Japan. While Endeavor possesses a fire-based Quirk, Shoto ended up with a “Half-hot, Half-cold” Quirk, allowing him to manipulate both ice and flame with ease. However, when he’s first introduced, he is completely unwilling to use his flame powers out of spite for his father. Of course, it’s not a coincidence that Shoto ended up with such a specific Quirk; he was the product of an arranged “Quirk” marriage in My Hero Academia, where a partner is selected because of their likelihood of having a child with a very good Quirk.

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The Todoroki Family’s Dark Origins in My Hero Academia


Shoto’s mother, Rei, possessed an ice Quirk and was selected by Endeavor for that reason, hoping to create a child whose ice powers would help maintain body temperature and prevent overheating, enabling even greater use of the flame power. There was no love in this marriage; Rei and her family received financial support from Endeavor in exchange for her hand. They would go on to have four kids, with the first three only having ice or fire Quirks, but not both. Shoto, the youngest, had the Quirk that Endeavor hoped for, and so all the pressure fell on him to become Endeavor’s successor, with his training starting at a young age.

Initially, Rei tried to protect her children from Endeavor’s ruthless training, and Endeavor became abusive towards her as a result. This caused Rei to hate him, and that hatred even leaked into her feelings toward her children due to reminding her of him. The abuse broke Rei mentally, until finally she lashed out at the unfortunate young Shoto, throwing a pot of boiling water at him when he surprised her. The water left Shoto with his distinctive burn, which hit the left side–the side that most closely resembled Endeavor due to his two-tone hair. Rei was sent to a psychiatric facility, where she remained through the end of the Paranormal Liberation War. She seems to have largely recovered and bears a lot of regret over this action.

Shoto Todoroki’s Scar Came From His Mother

My Hero Academia's Todoroki as he appeared in early chapters.

When Shoto first appeared in My Hero Academia, he kept the left half of his body covered in ice, concealing the scar and his red hair. At the time, he very much hated his father and blamed him (rightly) for their family situation. It’s not clear if self-consciousness about his scar played a role in this, but it’s likely it did to some extent. After the Sports Festival, however, Shoto comes to accept his appearance and ceases to cover himself in ice. In the current era of the manga, Shoto and the Todoroki family have come together to support Endeavor, and he and his father have made it their mission to stop Dabi in the final battle.

Shoto’s scar was just the first hint at how truly tragic his and his family’s history is in My Hero Academia. Between Rei being committed, Toya’s “death,” and Shoto’s scarring, the family has been through a lot, and Endeavor finally seems to be realizing how much of this is his fault. But Shoto isn’t letting this past bother him anymore in My Hero Academia; there’s work to be done.

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