Homelander is already an agent of terror in The Boys, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get even deadlier with a cyborg upgrade. The strongest supe that Vought has to offer, Homelander is practically invulnerable and has proven to be an existential threat to The Boys throughout the show. After wrestling control of Vought International from the hands of Stan Edgar, Homelander now has every piece he needs to become a true unchecked monster.


New fan art by Vought.art on Instagram shows how Homelander can evolve into even more of a monster, and all he needs to do is add some cybernetic enhancements. Check out the art below:

The art depicts Homelander with a completely robotic head, though he’s still dressed in his tell-tale costume. All around him, an office is devolving into a great raging fire, while Homelander stands with his hands on his hips. He looks as imposing as he is powerful, and the new face helps him feel even less human than he already was.

Can Homelander Ever Be Defeated?

Homelander in his seat at Vought International

At his core, Homelander isn’t just an evil Superman. He’s a symbol of everything wrong with the world in The Boys. Grounded in reality, Homelander feels like a politician scheming to gain power everywhere he goes, and he’s willing to use that power for his own pleasure. That means playing with lives, torturing people, and even kidnapping a child just to make himself feel superior.

As much as The Boys work to defeat Vought and Homelander, it’s almost impossible for them to actually manage it. Even up against Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie, Homelander still manages to stand his ground up until the very end. It’s proof that he’s still the strongest supe around and more than capable of taking a punch. When trying to take down Homelander, The Boys are frankly outmatched. It’s even worse now that Butcher and Hughie won’t have Temp V to empower them.

Of course, a supe is still just a human, he isn’t immortal. Soldier Boy can kill Homelander if given the opportunity. He will, however, need the help of The Boys and even a few members of the Seven to really get it done. With Ryan at Homelander’s side, it will be even more difficult to stop the two from continuing their reign of destruction. Even once it’s done, there’s no telling if he might return. In whatever way Homelander is dealt with in The Boys, the world needs to hope that he doesn’t come back with robotic improvements. If he does, Butcher might really just pack it in.

Source: Vought.art / Instagram

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