Hogwarts Legacy players can take on The Lost Astrolabe side quest from Grace Pinch-Smedley in Lower Hogsfield to receive rewards.

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One of the earliest side quests players can access in Hogwarts Legacy is ‘The Lost Astrolabe’ quest, which is given by Grace Pinch-Smedley, a Slytherin student in Lower Hogsfield. Upon completing this quest, witches and wizards will be rewarded with a unique facewear piece in addition to any other items they find in the process. While the rewards for this quest are enough incentive to complete it, finding Grace’s astrolabe is also an introduction to diving, a useful gameplay feature. Therefore, to begin this quest and reap the myriad rewards, players must first find Grace once they can access the South Hogwarts Region.


Because Cottongrass Dugbogs and other enemies of a higher level are likely to be found in Lower Hogsfield of the South Hogwarts Region, it’s best not to enter this area alone until Hogwarts Legacy players have first traveled to the location alongside Natty, the wise Gryffindor student they first met in Charms class. Whether they choose Natty or Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy to accompany them on their first trip to Hogsmeade, players will always have access to a separate quest to venture to Lower Hogsfield with Natty. After progressing to this point in the story, witches and wizards should have reached at least Level 7 to explore the Lower Hogsfield area and locate Grace Pinch-Smedley by the docks to initiate The Lost Astrolabe quest.

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How To Find The Lost Astrolabe

Completing the Lost Astrolabe Quest

Hogwarts Legacy players can easily find Grace Pinch-Smedley awaiting them on the docks in Lower Hogsfield by using Floo Flames to Fast Travel to the location where Merlin Trials in South Hogwarts Region can also be completed. Upon speaking with her, Grace will request that players search for her family’s lost heirloom, an antique Astrolabe that she insists can be found in the depths of Hogwarts Legacy‘s Black Lake. Finding the Astrolabe takes little time, as the process requires witches and wizards to swim out into the lake and search for the astrolabe in designated locations marked by bubbles on the water’s surface. To retrieve the Pinch-Smedley heirloom, players must dive and search in these areas until they locate the astrolabe, as demonstrated by the YouTube channel Gamerpillar.

Players can press X (Xbox), ▢ (PlayStation), or F (PC) to dive and search for the astrolabe and other items.

While the task at hand is relatively easy, finding the lost astrolabe can be tricky in the presence of Cottongrass Dugbogs. Players can either defeat these enemies and obtain Dugbog Tongue in the process or avoid the beasts altogether. However, Dugbog Tongue is a highly useful item to have on hand, as it can be used to make Hogwarts Legacy‘s Focus Potion. Players will need to obtain this potion later in Hogwarts Legacy, so it can be a good idea to defeat as many Cottongrass Dugbogs as possible and stock up on Dugbog Tongues sooner rather than later.

Rewards For Completing The Lost Astrolabe Quest

Mermaid Mask Reward for The Lost Astrolabe Quest

Once players find the Pinch-Smedley family’s lost astrolabe, they must return to Grace on the docks. They can then choose to return her family’s heirloom, request higher pay for retrieving the item, or keep it for themselves, depending on whether they wish to choose a dark path. In any case, the base rewards for completing the quest remain the same: 180 Exp. Points, in addition to the unique Mermaid Mask Gear item, which can be equipped to change the player’s appearance in Hogwarts Legacy. Apart from these rewards, players also get to keep all other items they found on the quest, including Wiggenweld Potions and other Gear items.

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Source: Gamerpillar/YouTube

Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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