Eyeball Chests are special chests found all over Hogwarts Legacy’s world. They contain a lot of Galleons and can be opened early quite easily.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Eyeball Chests are something of an enigma for players, requiring the use of a special charm to sneak past their ever-watchful eyes. While exploring Hogwarts and the wider wizarding world, players will often come across particularly devious puzzles with no obvious solution, requiring them to get creative with their charms and curses. Eyeball Chests can be found all over the game world, including in Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade Village, and are filled with lots of Galleons. This makes them an incredibly valuable resource for players to track down, and luckily, opening them is far simpler than it might seem.


The Alohomora Spell might seem like the obvious answer, but although the Unlocking Charm is great at some things, it won’t work on Eyeball Chests. Instead, players need to have progressed through the main story past the point where they’ve enlisted the help of Sebastian Sallow in order to sneak into the library. Being rather proficient with a range of charms and curses, Sebastian will teach players a useful spell that’ll make sneaking around Hogwarts a lot easier.

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How To Open Eyeball Chests In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Player Using Disillusionment Charm To Open Eyeball Chest

It’s far simpler than opening one of the game’s devious Arithmancy Doors and players might not have come up with this particular solution simply because it seems too obvious. To unlock Eyeball Chests players must first cast the Disillusionment Charm. The Disillusionment Charm renders players practically invisible, allowing them to sneak up on Eyeball Chests and pop them open. It’s worth noting that players won’t be able to open an Eyeball Chest if they use the Disillusionment Charm directly in front of one.

Instead, it’s well worth casting the spell a bit further away when the eye on the chest is closed. Players can then walk up to it and interact with the chest when the prompt appears. Each Eyeball Chest will give players a tidy sum of 500 Galleons, which is incredibly useful and hopefully keeps players from having to sell their unwanted gear in order to fill their coin purses.

Earning Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy is actually fairly tricky, so players can use Eyeball Chests as a quick and easy way to overcome any money troubles they might be having. Galleons are used to purchase everything from potions and potion ingredients to broomsticks, so players looking to make their Hogwarts Legacy journey as smooth as possible ought to track down and open a few Eyeball Chests.

All Hogsmeade Eyeball Chest Locations

Hogsmeade eye chests locations hogwarts legacy 2

The image above shows the locations of all 15 Eye Chests in Hogsmeade. This is a great way to make gold early and fast as each one gives 500 gold each, totaling 7500 Galleons.

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