Hogwarts Legacy has three Battle Arenas where players can test their skills in wave-based combat challenges to earn rewards and farm valuable XP.

Hogwarts Legacy’s three Battle Arenas offer difficult wave-based battles for players looking to practice their combat spells. Throughout Hogwarts Legacy’s main and side missions, players will encounter challenging enemies with deadly weapons and potent magic of their own, making combat practice extremely important. By beating the grueling combat trials offered by the Battle Arenas, players can gain a better understanding of their spells, and gather valuable resources and XP for further character progression.

Before jumping into the Battle Arenas and practicing Hogwarts Legacy’s best spell combos, players first need to find and unlock them. The North Ford Bog and Feldcroft Battle Arenas are available to all players, and are the only Battle Arenas that need to be completed for the Rise To The Challenges achievement. Players who own the Digital Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy or the game’s Dark Arts Pack can also access the Dark Arts Battle Arena in the Forbidden Forest. All three Battle Arenas can be completed multiple times, allowing players to farm XP and complete combat challenges rapidly.

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The North Ford Bog Battle Arena

Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Battle Arena Map Location

The North Ford Bog Battle Arena can be unlocked as soon as players gain the ability to freely explore the open world. Regardless, getting one of Hogwarts Legacy’s broomsticks is still highly recommended for players traveling long distances away from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. As its name suggests, the North Ford Bog Battle Arena is located in a ruin in the North Ford Bog region, as shown on the map above.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Battling Armored Troll In North Ford Bog Battle Arena

After arriving at the ruin, players need to break 20 vases scattered all over the nearby area. Some of these vases can be tricky to find, so it’s recommended that players use Revelio to find them all. After this, players should interact with the statue in the middle of the ruin to start this challenge.

The Feldcroft Battle Arena

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Battle Arena Map Location

The Feldcroft Battle Arena is located near Irondale, as shown on the map above. To unlock it, players should chat with Althea Twiddle in Irondale to get Hogwarts Legacy’s E-Vase-Ive Manoeuvre side quest. Althea will explain that her late husband sought to uncover the secrets of an odd statue in some ruins nearby, and players can offer to investigate further. After traveling to the ruins, players will find lots of vases, which can be broken to unlock the Feldcroft Battle Arena.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Approaching Feldcroft Battle Arena Statue

Make sure to chat with Althea afterward to earn a wand handle and some extra XP.

The Dark Arts Battle Arena

Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Battle Arena Map Location

The Dark Arts Battle Arena is exclusive to Digital Deluxe Edition owners and owners of the Dark Arts Pack. Players can find the right statue in the Forbidden Forest, as shown on the map above.

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Hogwarts Legacy Player Approaching Dark Arts Battle Arena In Forbidden Forest

Unlike the other Battle Arenas, the Dark Arts Battle Arena offers a slightly different challenge. Players are limited to using Hogwarts Legacy’s Killing Curse, the Cruciatus Curse, the Imperius Curse, and the Blasting Curse. Aside from Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Imperio, and Confringo, players don’t have access to any of their normal spells. Essentially, players are encouraged to practice the Dark Arts and use the Unforgivable Curses on their foes.

Aside from farming XP to rapidly level up, players can also collect gear and resources from defeated enemies in Battle Arenas. This makes Hogwarts Legacy’s Battle Arenas a great place for players to get resources for character progression, as well as gain essential spellcasting experience.

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