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Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10th, 2023 (February 7th for the Deluxe Edition) on PS5, Xbox, and PC worldwide. It has generally received positive reviews from the player base in the early days since its launch, despite the multiple calls to boycott the game due to the controversies surrounding the creator of the Harry Potter Universe. Fans of the wizarding world will be delighted to know that all their wildest dreams may come true as this game has much to offer.

While Hogwarts Legacy has many well-designed tutorials and tooltips, there is a lot to cover in this game and some players may have missed them or forgotten what they’ve read. For that reason, we’ve put together a number of guides and resources that players can use to get the most out of the game and make sure no stone is left unturned or no page is left unclaimed.


All Field Guide Page Locations In Hogwarts Legacy

Field Guide Pages are collectibles that can be obtained shortly after arriving at Hogwarts School. They are a great source of experience for leveling up, providing 80 XP each. Players should use the Revelio spell frequently to find them. To learn more about Field Guide Pages and how to collect them check out our Complete Guide To Collecting Field Guide Pages Post.

The Field Guide Tab in the Collections Menu only shows the Named Revelio Field Guide Pages that are hidden and only revealed after casting Revelio. In fact, there are many more field guide pages with multiple ways of finding them. The game separates them into 3 areas:

  1. Hogwarts Castle (150)

  2. Hogsmeade (55)

  3. The Highlands (31)

Hogwarts Castle can be further divided into 6 wings:

  1. The Astronomy Wing (23)

  2. The Bell Tower Wing (34)

  3. The Grand Staircase (26)

  4. The Great Hall (24)

  5. The Library Annex (20)

  6. The South Wing (23)

All Demiguise Statue Locations

Demiguise Statues are collectibles that can be obtained after completing the Alohomora quest from Caretaker Gladwin Moon. Many collectibles, Demiguise Statues included, require getting past level 1 and 2 locked doors. Players should first locate Demiguise Statues that don’t require higher ranks of Alohomora, such as in Hogsmeade, and then give them to Mr. Moon to get higher ranks of Alohomora.

There are 30 Total Demiguise Statues that players can collect to earn the achievement.

  1. Hogwarts Castle (10)

  2. Hogsmeade (9)

  3. The Highlands (11)

Every Merlin Trial Location And Solution

Merlin Trials are quick puzzles that require Mallowsweet Leaves. They are also the only way to increase Inventory Space. There are a lot of regions on the World Map that have varying amounts of Merlin Trials. Some have upwards of 31, whereas others only have 1. We’ve compiled some of these regions together to make navigating our guides a bit easier while exploring.

  1. Northern Regions (17 Total)

    • Forbidden Forest, North Ford Bog, North Hogwarts Region, Hogsmeade Valley
  2. South Hogwarts Region (15)

  3. Hogwarts Valley (16)

  4. Feldcroft Region (16)

  5. Southern Regions (31 Total)

    • Poidsear Coast, Marunweem Lake, Manor Cape, Clagmar Coast, Cragcroftshire

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Hogwarts Legacy Ingredients and Materials

Ingredients are used to create the potions in Hogwarts Legacy. They can be found and harvested out in the wild while exploring and some have set spawn locations. Many of these ingredients can be planted and farmed continuously in pots in the Room of Requirements to generate them passively while adventuring.

Hogwarts Legacy Potions And Plants

It’s always a good idea to keep stocked up on some of these potions, particularly Wiggenweld Potions in order to heal. While using consumables is really strong, it isn’t the most robust system and many players skip using the majority of them entirely.

Having a limit of 12 of each type max (25 for Wiggenweld (Healing) Potions) makes keeping stock of them a cumbersome task. Some encounters may be fairly difficult to get past on harder difficulties so the use of them may still be recommended. There are even talents to improve the effectiveness of these consumables should one choose to go that route.


Find and catch every beast that can be brought back to the Vivarium to be brush, fed, and collect the ingredients needed for upgrading gear.

Gear & Equipment Guides

gear guide hogwarts legacy 23

Learn about all the ways to improve your character by equipping better gear and customizing it to suit your playtsyle in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Talent Builds

talents hogwarts legacy banner

Players may only access a limited number of talents, even at the max level. In addition, players cannot reset the points they have already allocated. This means that players will have to choose wisely before spending any talent points. We explain every talent in detail and which ones are the best depending on the scenario.


Not all spells are made equal, some don’t even do any damage! Learn when certain spells become available and which ones are the best to use

How To Unlock The 3 Unforgivable Curses

Spells Banner 5
avada kedavra spell icon hogwarts legacy

Avada Kedavra

crucio spell icon hogwarts legacy


imperio spell icon hogwarts legacy


While every witch and wizard must choose their own path, there is no doubt that these 3 spells are some of the most powerful spells to use to conquer enemies quickly.

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All Hogwarts Legacy Guides Directory:

  • Field Guide Pages

  • Demiguise Statues

  • Merlin Trials Solutions

  • Ingredients and Materials

  • Potions and Plants

  • Beasts

  • Gear & Equipment

  • Talents

  • Spells

  • Combat Tips

    combat tips hogwarts legacy

    Master the mechanics of the game with some helpful advice from players who have completed the game.

  • Side Quests

    side quests hogwarts legacy banner 3

    There are over 100 side quests to discover and complete. While not all quests will need a guide to explain how to complete them, this list contains complete walkthroughs with screenshots and detailed descriptions of some of the more challenging ones.

  • Puzzles And Solutions

    puzzles hogwarts legacy banner 1

    There are a few obscure puzzles hidden throughout Hogwarts Legacy, most of them are inside the school and there is an achievement for completing them all.

  • General Tips & Tricks & FAQ

    hogwarts legacy tips banner

    At some point, players will hit a wall in their progression or find a quest or task a little obscure and need a little more information to progress in the game. This section includes Frequently Asked Questions as well as fun topics that players may be interested to learn more about.

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  • New Guides

    For the latest information on Hogwarts Legacy, this section will be dedicated to the most recently added guides.

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