While exploring Hogwarts Legacy‘s expansive map, students will encounter no shortage of chests containing gear, galleons, and everything in between – but some secret locations may be hiding legendary loot from even the most eagle-eyed players. It’s quite easy to pass these areas by without even batting an eye, as spotting these obscure chests will take puzzle-solving skills, prior knowledge, a sixth sense, or a combination of all three. But with the information below, the Hogwarts Legacy protagonist will be able to add some powerful new loot to their collection.

In this open-world RPG, loot drops are random, meaning specific items don’t have fixed stats or drop spots. However, the various chests that students will encounter in-game all contain a particular category of loot. For example, the smallest chests, called collection chests, will always contain a wand handle or a conjuration recipe for the Room of Requirement. Unlocking Hogwarts Legacy‘s eye chests, on the other hand, is an ascertained 500 galleons. So while there is no way to guarantee that a certain item will drop, it’s possible to determine the rarity or type of loot that players will receive.

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4 The Werewolf Tapestry Room In Hogwarts Legacy Is Hiding Secret Loot

A Hogwarts Legacy character casting Lumos and looking at a tapestry with a giant K.

One Hogwarts Legacy drop spot that students can pass dozens of times without ever being the wiser is the Werewolf Tapestry Room. This location is completely inconspicuous, appearing as nothing more than a tapestry hanging on the wall in the Bell Tower Wing. Not even Revelio will reveal anything suspicious about this decoration, except for a couple of glowing objects far behind it. There really isn’t any way for players to know that the emblem with the giant letter K is actually a door, which will lead them to a secret set of rooms literally hiding inside the walls.

As the player enters the room, they’ll be greeted with statues as creepy as Hogwarts Legacy‘s Demiguise statues, which Hogsmeade contains many of. One of these marble structures closely resembles Professor Lupin, a werewolf from the main Harry Potter series. But more importantly, players will also be able to find some extra loot hiding in the corner of the back room. Unfortunately, as a large chest, it isn’t guaranteed to drop legendary gear, but certainly has the chance to. Plus, by using Lumos on the collection of tapestries in this back room, players can learn an interesting story about werewolves.

3 Teleporting Toad Statues Lead To Valuable Loot

A player looking at a Toad Statue in Hogwarts Legacy, being prompted to Enter the statue.

While there’s little to no indication of the hidden treasures within the Werewolf Tapestry Room, these secret loot drop locations in Hogwarts Legacy provide a bit more of a clue to players. As they’re exploring the magical school, students may encounter yet another odd collection of statues, but this time in the shape of toads, which strangely prompt them to “enter“.

There’s still hope for Hogwarts Legacy to steal Goblet of Fire‘s trick for teleportation, but these hungry amphibians seem to fare just fine in transporting the player to random locations – albeit ones containing valuable loot.

It’s still unclear exactly how many of these statues occupy the map, but so far, all known locations have been worthwhile for players. For example, one teleporting toad statue can be found at the top of Hogwarts Legacy‘s Bell Tower, which can be entered through the Choir Room in the Bell Tower Wing. On the balcony, players will already find one collection chest and one legendary chest, but by entering the frog statue, they will be spat out on the opposite balcony, which also contains some chests with legendary and collection items.

Another known teleporting frog statue leads to one of the best secret loot drops in Hogwarts Legacy. If players are exploring the South Wing and collecting Field Guide pages, they’ll benefit from taking a small detour to the Faculty Tower. There, at the bottom of a spiral staircase, they’ll find another stone toad sitting underneath a blue door. Entering the statue will shoot players up to this otherwise inaccessible room, and they’ll get to loot an extra collection chest.

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2 Hogwarts Legacy’s Secret Clock Tower Puzzle Results In Hidden Loot

A player looking up at the swinging pendulum of the Clock Tower in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Clock Tower contains one of three Hogwarts Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy, and there are also some substantial rewards hiding behind the puzzle’s solution. The Clock Tower, which is home to the Crossed Wands Dueling Club and is unsurprisingly found in the Clock Tower region of the map, can be solved by anyone who has access to the Glacius or Arresto Momento spells. All players will need to do is freeze the pendulum in a position where it aligns with the four symbols, which correspond with the four locked doors.

Here, players will find nearly every type of chest (minus Hogwarts Legacy‘s unlockable House Chest). The first floor with the unicorn symbol will contain one collection chest, and the third floor with the dragon symbol will have two collection chests. Meanwhile, the second floor with the owl symbol will contain a Disillusionment, or eyeball chest, whereas the fourth floor with the scarab symbol will feature a legendary chest. If a student happens to be in the area, it’s absolutely worth checking out the Clock Tower for some easy galleons and cosmetic items.

1 Hogwarts Legacy’s Key Of Admittance Puzzle Unlocks Legendary Loot

An intricate door being unlocked by the Key Of Admittance on the left, and the Book of Admittance on a stand to the right in Hogwarts Legacy.

Last but certainly not least, one of the most obscure loot spots in Hogwarts Legacy is locked behind the Key of Admittance. In order to even access this secret area, players will need to be quite deep into the game, having unlocked level three of the Alohamora charm and completed the Polyjuice quest line. After meeting these hefty requirements, however, students can travel to the Trophy Room, past all the moving staircases in Hogwarts Legacy, to a locked gate surrounded by living knight statues. Once they’ve unlocked that door, they can then make their way up to Headmaster Black’s office.

The Headmaster’s office will contain two separate locked doors, one being a level two lock and the other requiring level three of Alohamora. The latter will lead players to find a mysterious item called the Key of Admittance. This item unlocks the intricate, circular door at the bottom of the staircase. Luckily, students won’t have to solve this one, as interacting with the door will automatically unlock the door after a lengthy animation. Inside, they’ll find a legendary chest, two collection chests, and even the Quill of Acceptance and Book of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy.

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