Although the fifth-year protagonist is surprisingly adept at magic, they’ll still need to make use of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best talents in order to survive against the many enemies they encounter. However, with five different skill trees and 48 different talents, it can be overwhelming trying to decipher which are most useful. Of course, each player has their own unique playstyle, and so some may be better suited to certain builds more than others – but across the board, witches and wizards can’t go wrong by unlocking the 10 most powerful talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s important to note that talent points are nonrefundable. Perk trees can’t be reset, and students are only able to earn 38 points in total, meaning they can’t unlock every talent. In this way, Hogwarts Legacy could learn from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and other RPGs to improve gameplay quality. But an effective way that players can work around this limitation is by performing a manual save before purchasing a certain perk, then reverting to said file if it isn’t up to their expectations. Fortunately, with the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy, such a process will hardly be necessary.

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10 Human Demiguise Improves Stealth In Hogwarts Legacy

A Hogwarts Legacy student in stealth and using the Petrificus Totalus spell on an enemy in front of them.

Even for students with more aggressive playstyles, it’s sometimes better to use stealth in Hogwarts Legacy. Unlocking the Human Demiguise talent will make them a more effective assassin overall by granting them the ability to sprint while using Disillusionment.

Not only will it make sneaking less time-consuming, creating a more enjoyable experience for the player, but the increase in speed allows them to take advantage of more opportunities for Petrificus Totalus, too. Human Demiguise can be unlocked at level 5 of the Stealth talent tree.

9 Wiggenweld Potency Increases Effectiveness Of Healing In Hogwarts Legacy

A Slytherin student in Hogwarts Legacy drinking a potion.

Although it’s basic, Wiggenweld is one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best potions for combat, and the Wiggenweld Potency talent makes its restorative properties significantly more effective. Players can upgrade this perk up to two times on levels 5 and 16 of the Core talent tree – in which both levels provide the same boost – but only one upgrade is required to feel an impact.

It could be argued that this talent isn’t absolutely essential, since it’s only useful in situations wherein mistakes have been made. But realistically, every student will take damage at some point, which inherently makes Wiggenweld Potency one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best talents.

8 Incendio Mastery Sets Hogwarts Legacy Enemies Ablaze

Hogwarts Legacy Combat Against Multiple Enemies Using a Variety of Different Spells to Create Firey Explosion

Setting enemies on fire makes Incendio one of the most satisfying spells in Hogwarts Legacy, but it suffers from extremely limited range. Luckily, Incendio Mastery solves this problem by replacing the short, unimpressive spurt of flames with a full-blown ring of fire that surrounds the protagonist. It’s much easier to master combat in Hogwarts Legacy when using this perk, as its area-of-effect damage is helpful against large, swarming groups of enemies (especially Inferi, who are susceptible to fire damage). Incendio Mastery can be unlocked at level 5 in the Spells talent tree.

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7 Swift Makes Dodging In Hogwarts Legacy Easier

Hogwarts Legacy Player and Professor Fig

Swift is one of the best Hogwarts Legacy talents, allowing players to teleport a short distance at any time by holding down the dodge button. Although it may not be as life-or-death as it is in Soulslike titles, going invisible for even a split second and gaining i-frames (or invincibility frames) can easily turn the tides of battle in the wizarding world as well. Regardless of the situation, students will always benefit from having this trick up their sleeve. Swift can be unlocked at level 5 in the Core talent tree.

6 Fertilizer Doubles Cabbage Damage In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy combat plants book entries mandrake tentacula chinese chomping cabbage

Although it doesn’t sound overly impressive on paper, Fertilizer is one of the game’s most powerful talents, and it’s crucial to Hogwarts Legacy‘s most overpowered attack. With this perk, every time a player uses a Chinese Chomping Cabbage in combat, the plant will automatically clone itself.

These cabbages are surprisingly lethal in numbers, being able to take down enemies as tough as trolls with relative ease. Every player should strive to use them as much as possible, especially with the Fertilizer perk. It can be unlocked at level 5 of the Room of Requirement talent tree in Hogwarts Legacy.

5 Spell Knowledge Is An Essential Hogwarts Legacy Talent

Hogwarts Legacy Fight with two wizards casting red and green beams at each other.

Throughout the course of the game, players can amass up to 27 different spells (or 24, if they’re avoiding the three Unforgivable Curses). But with only four slots on each spell set, it can grow overwhelming to constantly swap out certain spells for others, especially during combat. Thus, Spell Knowledge is easily one of the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Players can unlock up to three separate sets in which they can place Hogwarts Legacy‘s best spells; in fact, it’s recommended to do so. The more slots players have at their disposal, the less time they’ll need to spend configuring their loadouts. Spell Knowledge is available twice at level 5 and once at level 16 of the Spells talent tree.

4 Transformation Mastery Makes Hogwarts Legacy Combat Explosive

Hogwarts Legacy's Professor Hecat casting a spell on a levitating student.

Transformation Mastery is not only one of the flashiest ways to kill enemies, but it’s also hands-down one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best talents for late game. Whereas the standard Transformation spell will turn enemies into a random object, this perk makes them become explosive objects in particular (which will also damage surrounding enemies in a giant blast). If not for the pure chaos, it’s worth unlocking this ability for the ability to quickly wipe out hordes of tight-knit enemies. Transformation Mastery is available at level 22 of the Spells talent tree.

3 Avada Kedvra Mastery Is A Dark Talent In Hogwarts Legacy

Two Dark Wizards casting the Avada Kedavra spell towards the sky in Hogwarts Legacy's trailer.

While some students are adamant about sticking to light magic, those who choose the dark wizard path in Hogwarts Legacy will greatly benefit from using the Avada Kedavra Mastery talent. With this skill in their arsenal, the killing curse will not affect just a single target, but also every other target who has been cursed in combat. Being able to one-shot most enemies is already quite powerful, but being able to simultaneously take out several is invaluable to any dark witch or wizard. Avada Kedavra Mastery can be unlocked at level 22 in the Dark Arts talent tree.

2 Protego Mastery Turns Defense Into Offense In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Protego Spell Against Boss with Possibility of Perfect Protego Parry on Right Timing for Stupefy Follow-Up

A contender for best Hogwarts Legacy talent is Protego Mastery, which gives players the opportunity to deal damage while protecting themselves. Timing a perfect cast of Protego with this talent will unleash a couple of projectiles which seek enemies and deal damage on impact, even breaking their barriers along the way – making for some of the best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy.

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With how often the protagonist uses this defensive spell throughout the game, it would be unwise not to unlock Protego Mastery and gain access to this additional output of damage. This talent is available at level 22 of the Core tree.

1 Stupefy Expertise Is The Best Hogwarts Legacy Talent

Hogwarts Legacy Player Tanking Poacher Spell With Edurus Potion

The best Hogwarts Legacy talent is Stupefy Expertise. Similar to Protego Mastery, this perk imbues players with a massive buff as they use Stupefy, only this time without the pressure of timing a perfect Protego. Every Stupefy cast will not only stun targets, but also deliver a powerful burst of damage to them.

Especially when combined with Protego Mastery and Stupefy Mastery, which extends the time enemies are stunned, this ability can turn even some of the most difficult battles into a walk in the park. As the game’s most useful talent, Stupefy Expertise is an essential perk for the Hogwarts Legacy‘s best talent builds, and every witch and wizard should capitalize on the advantage it provides. It can be unlocked at level 22 of the Core talent tree.

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