In a new clip from Ahsoka, Hera Syndulla and her astromech Chopper return to action in a combat mission aboard the Phantom II.


  • New footage from Ahsoka showcases Hera Syndulla and Chopper in humorous action as they aid Ahsoka Tano in her hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Chopper, the grumpy astromech droid, continues to be attached to Hera, complaining about his tasks but ultimately coming through when needed.
  • The clip highlights the strong bond between Hera and Chopper, with Chopper’s antics and lack of patience providing laughs, while also showing his care for Hera.

New footage from Ahsoka has been released, bringing Hera Syndulla and her grumpy astromech Chopper back into humorous action. The New Republic general is enlisted by Ahsoka Tano to aid in her hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose return threatens to destroy everything the rebel veteran fought to build. Chopper will naturally be attached to Hera at the hip, grumbling about the tasks he’s required to perform.

Star Wars released a new clip from Ahsoka featuring Hera and Chopper piloting the Phantom II during firefight.

As is known to happen in Star Wars, the Phantom II experiences technical issues mid-combat. Fortunately for Hera, she has an astromech droid created specifically to fix such issues… though not with much enthusiasm, in Chopper’s case.

Hera & Chopper Remain An Iconic Duo

Chopper with his arm in the air in the Ahsoka trailer.

Building on the relationship first seen in Star Wars Rebels, Hera and Chopper continue to have a strong bond in Ahsoka. While he complains about his job, Hera knows she can trust Chopper to perform his tasks as competently as any droid. Chopper’s antics in the 30-second clip already provide a few laughs, demonstrating the droid’s lack of patience and disdain for doing practically anything. He ultimately comes through, as usual, but not before giving Hera attitude for a perceived slight.

While he can be a pain, Chopper truly does care for Hera. She pulled him out of a crashed Y-wing on Ryloth during the Clone Wars, repairing him and becoming inseparable. Chopper went on to rack up a high kill count in Rebels, often jokingly referred to as a war criminal. Chopper was there for Hera as comfort when Kanan Jarrus died, and a decade after the events of Rebels he remains her trusty co-pilot. The brief clip is just the beginning of Chopper’s shenanigans in Ahsoka, as he’ll undoubtedly vanquish many enemies.

Episodes 1 and 2 of Ahsoka premiere Tuesday on Disney+.

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