The OnePlus 11 is already available for purchase, but for those on the fence about whether to purchase the new smartphone, OnePlus has announced a new offer that will allow buyers to test the phone for free. Kind of. The OnePlus 11 launched along with OnePlus’s first tablet – the OnePlus Pad. The tablet is not available yet, though, with pre-orders set to begin in April.

With a starting price of $699, the OnePlus 11 offers several interesting features. But it’s no surprise that there are folks still undecided on whether to buy the phone or not. OnePlus’ latest offer will allow buyers to test the phone for up to 100 days to decide if they wish to keep or return it. The offer is available only on, but there are some important details worth knowing.


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Returned Phones Must Be In Perfect Condition

A photo showing the OnePlus 11 in green and black

The first step is to buy the phone from No, OnePlus isn’t just going to hand people the OnePlus 11 for free to test for up to 100 days. Buyers will have to pay the full price for the smartphone first and then register it within 15 days of the delivery date. If they wish to hold on to the phone, then there’s nothing else for them to do. However, those who decide to return the phone must do so within 100 days of the delivery date to initiate a return process.

To start a return, buyers have to do so on the OnePlus website. Once the return request has been received, OnePlus will send a prepaid label to the buyer’s email address within five working days. The phone has to then be sent back within 15 days of receiving the email approving the return request. It must also be sent back in its original packaging with all the accessories included. In addition, all passwords and personal data must be wiped clean, and the phone must be in full working order.

The phone must also have enough battery to run on its own for a minimum of 15 minutes and must be undamaged. Although, OnePlus says “minor scratches/reasonable wear and tear are acceptable,” any visible chips and cracks will be penalized. If all of these criteria are met, buyers will be eligible for a full refund. The inspection process usually takes up to seven working days, and once completed, an email will be sent to inform the buyer that their return was successful if the phone is in perfect condition. Refunds for the returned OnePlus 11 will be processed within the next 30 days.

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