A new update has come to Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and with it has come a new area and a new Sweets In The Stars quest. There’s also a new appliance, This Cloud Candy Maker, that allows you to make unique treats they may gift to various characters around the island.

When first interacting with the Cloud Candy Maker in the Little TwinStars update in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you will be presented with the Sweets In The Stars quest, which involves making Cloud Candy recipes for several friends and delivering them. As with every other appliance, the Cloud Candy Maker requires a base ingredient called Candy Cloud.

How To Begin The Sweets In The Stars Quest

Player, Kiki, Lala, and cinnamaroll in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

After progressing through the update, Kiki will ask for some Starfruit. After feeding Kiki three Starfruit, the Cloud Transport will be repaired, taking you across a rainbow and up to an upper level of the area. This is where the Cloud Candy Maker machine will be found. Luckily, there won’t be any further necessary gimmicks or tasks to complete to unlock the machine, unlike the Soda Machine in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. You will instead be prompted to interact with it and attempt to make a recipe.

As stated, every recipe for the Cloud Candy Maker will require one core ingredient. Just like how the Espresso Machine in Hello Kitty Island Adventure requires candlenut for every beverage, this requires Candy Cloud in every treat. After testing out the machine with any other ingredient and making a random treat, Cinnamaroll will suggest that maybe friends around the island would be interested in trying it. The quest will then officially begin with a list of recipes to craft that can then be gifted to several of your friends.

Review The Required Cloud Candy

Sweets in the Stars quest review in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

With several recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure to craft, you can choose to do them one at a time and then deliver them, but this will make the quest much more time-consuming. Instead, all of the necessary ingredients should be obtained before crafting anything so that all recipes can be made at the Cloud Candy Maker at the same time and then all promptly delivered, as this is the most efficient way to complete the quest.

Luckily, the quest will specify who is looking for what type of Cloud Candy, so it should be simple to check them off. My Melody will require Pink Cloud Candy, Tuxedosam will prefer Tropical Cloud Candy, Kuromi will want Fall Cloud Candy, Pompompurin will want Sweet Cloud Candy, and Cinnamaroll will want Spiced Cloud Candy. Luckily, there are only five friends that need the Cloud Candy.

Where To Get Cloud Candy

Ingredient page with Cloud Candy selected in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

The Candy Cloud Machine cannot be used without its main ingredient. Cloud Candy will be needed for every recipe with this appliance; luckily, this ingredient is easy to come by. Odds are, you already have quite a bit of it stored up. Since Cinnamaroll has been sneakily using the Candy Cloud Machine for some time now, it should be no surprise that the main ingredient is given as a daily gift from her. Like most appliances in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, the main ingredient is often a friendship gift.

Therefore, to obtain more of this item, simply gift things to Cinnamaroll and increase the friendship level. Even if the friendship level is maxed out, she will still hand out her daily item as a reward, so be sure to max out friendship levels in Hello Kitty Island Adventure with various characters every day. This will ensure ingredients are never in shortage as most of the recipes are high-quality gift items for specific characters. With enough Cloud Candy on hand, players can begin making recipes. Note that each recipe will only require one Cloud Candy ingredient.

Craft Cloud Candy Recipes

Player holding up Fruity Cloud in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Since five different friends are waiting to try the new Cloud Candy, including My Melody, Tuxedosam, Pompompurin, Cinnamaroll, and Kuromi, five different recipes will need to be made. The five recipes will be Pink Cloud Candy, Tropical Cloud Candy, Fall Cloud Candy, Sweet Cloud Candy, and Spice Cloud Candy. The recipes are very on point with their associated friend about the things they often enjoy and their ultimate gifts in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. It should be easy enough to remember who wants which item. The recipes for the five different Cloud Candies are as follows,



Pink Cloud Candy

Candy Cloud + Sakura

Candy Cloud + Strawberry

Tropical Cloud Candy

Candy Cloud + Pineapple

Fall Cloud Candy

Candy Cloud + Pumpkin

Sweet Cloud Candy

Candy Cloud + Swampmallow

Candy Cloud + Sugarkelp

Spice Cloud Candy

Candy Cloud + Magma Bloom

Candy Cloud + Cinna Bloom

Some recipes have several ingredients that can produce the same recipe, so utilize whichever option is available, as it will not matter which one is used for this quest. Note that these are not all recipes that can be crafted with the Cloud Candy Machine, so players should experiment with other items. Like most appliances, the Cloud Candy Machine can be upgraded in Hello Kitty Island Adventure to make the three recipes. This upgrade is unlocked through friendship, as are most of the others.

With all the recipes crafted, you can now head off to deliver the treats. All friends should be in their usual hangout spots but refer to the map if any seem to be missing. Remember to use fast travel mailboxes to make this an easier process. The quest will be done once the last treat has been delivered, so continue exploring the new update and increasing friendship levels with new friends Kiki and Lala in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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