Though Chief Stew Fraser Olender has received harsh critiques this season on Below Deck, his stew, Hayley De Sola Pinto, shares a different opinion.

While Chief Stew Fraser Olender has received harsh critiques from Captain Sandy and Chef Rachel during Below Deck season 10, his charismatic new stew, Hayley De Sola Pinto, has a different take on his leadership abilities onboard motor yacht St. David. Viewers first met Fraser in Below Deck season 9, where he was a second stew. Now, returning for season 10 as a Chief Stew, Fraser was excelling working underneath Captain Lee Rosbach, who unfortunately had to leave the boat for a period of time due to a health concern. Captain Sandy Yawn stepped in to help for several charters, allowing Captain Lee time to recover.

When Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Captain Sandy Yawn observed Fraser Olender as a Chief Stew, she was not impressed. Her frustrations were joined by Chef Rachel Hargrove, leading to many confessionals and on-air scenes where Fraser’s abilities were questioned. However, Fraser has found an alley in his charismatic stew, Hayley De Sola Pinto, who sat for an interview with Deciderdotcom.

Sharing a different opinion than Captain Sandy and Chef Rachel, Hayley begins, “Fraser made the season for me…I basically met one of my bestest friends.” After disclosing that she had not worked on a yacht for four years, she stressed that Fraser helped to bring her back up to par. “He was a fantastic Chief Stew. He is so patient and so knowledgeable. He taught me a lot in those 6 weeks” Hayley shared.

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Hayley De Sola Pinto Loved Fraser Olender’s Personality

There were worries that Captain Sandy might fire Fraser, as she compared his personality to being like a cancer on the boat, often speaking ill of his work ethic and attitude to Chef Rachel. Hayley’s take on Fraser’s personality, however, is quite the opposite. “He made the whole experience hilarious, even when you’re so tired and you’re not feeling your best, he was always there to bring me back up.” Hayley concluded by repeating where the two coworkers stood while not only onboard together, but even now, when the cameras aren’t rolling, by stressing, “he became one of my best friends.”

Viewers have watched as Hayley, with her dry wit and ability to speak candidly and kindly, uplifted her department head, Fraser, throughout Below Deck season 10. While serving drinks to demanding charter quests, cleaning overly messy cabins, and even on nights-off, the two are often shown having a needed laugh together, which has made a season rife with harsh words and critiques bearable, and sometimes, even fun to watch. While drama and fighting can be interesting to view and dissect, it leads to division among the crew and the viewers alike. On the opposite side, laughter and fun-loving friendships bring people together, which is universally needed.

Thankfully, Chief Stew Fraser’s time under the scrutinized microscope is coming to an end, as previews for upcoming episodes show the imminent return of the fan-favorite and Fraser-supporting Captain Lee, thus ending Captain Sandy’s time onboard. With only a handful of episodes left this season on Below Deck, it will be interesting to watch as the crew acclimates back to Captain Lee’s way of things, and if harmony, or, increased division occurs. Hopefully, as this is likely Captain Lee and Chef Rachel’s last season with the franchise, the season will leave with everyone on a high note. As this is reality television with loud personalities, however, anything can, and likely will, happen between now and the final charter.

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