• The fan campaign for a Star Wars playset of The Ghost has been successful, with Hasbro receiving over 19,000 supporters, unlocking all three of its bonus tiers.
  • The Vintage Collection playset includes four figures and comes with a price tag of $499.99. Production has already begun on this highly anticipated Star Wars collectible.
  • The playset features accurate details from Star Wars Rebels and will likely become a centerpiece for many collectors due to its large size. It will be a must-have item for Star Wars fans.

Following several requests and a highly-supported fan campaign, Hasbro is finally making a playset of Star Wars’ iconic ship The Ghost, coinciding with its dynamic debut in the ongoing Ahsoka show. First appearing in the Star Wars Rebels animated series, The Ghost was captained by General Hera Syndulla while serving as the mobile home for the Rebel cell known as the Spectres. Now, Star Wars collectors will soon be able to have the signature starship on their shelves (if they can find enough space).

Despite only needing 8,000 backers, the recent campaign from Hasbro is ending with over 19,000 supporters. This means that the HasLab project for The Vintage Collection Ghost has also unlocked all three of its bonus tiers. One of the largest Star Wars ships Hasbro has ever made since Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge, the ship measures over 28 inches by 34 inches and sits at over 13 inches tall. Images of The Ghost playset can be viewed in the gallery below:

Coming with 4 figures including The Ghost’s captain Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, and Zeb, The Vintage Collection playset has a price tag of $499.99. Having reached its minimum backing goal, Hasbro has already begun production on the exciting new Star Wars collectible.

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What Comes With The HasLab Ghost Playset

HasLab Ghost Vintage Collection

Although the carded 3.75-inch-scale figure of Hera came with the initial playset of The Ghost, the other figures were part of the HasLab campaign’s unlockable tiers. Ezra was unlocked once 11,000 backers were reached, Kanan with 14,000, and then Zeb with 17,000. The ship also comes with the detachable Phantom II, complete with a mini-bust of Hera’s droid companion Chopper who can be removed from the pod as well.

Just in time for its live-action role in Ahsoka, The Vintage Collection Ghost achieving so many supporters is very exciting. Featuring so many details from Star Wars Rebels such as the incredibly accurate interiors and cockpit, The Ghost will undoubtedly become a major centerpiece for many Star Wars collectors. Considering its large size, it might not even be a choice for some but to have displayed on their coffee tables.


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