Star Wars Rebels the Ghost spaceship is receiving the Hasbro treatment, and a new look at the action figures involved has been released. The latest project in the HasLab “Vintage Collection” line of vehicles, the Ghost was officially unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2023 and was met with immediate enthusiasm. New action figures are unlocked at different tier levels reached from backers, and the project is well on its way to gaining full support.

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Hasbro Pulse shared a video providing detailed looks at the “Vintage Collection” action figures that can be unlocked as more backers support the Ghost project.

Each figure is exclusive to HasLab’s Ghost and comes with unique accessories on a card back inspired by the Rebels mural from the series finale. Hera Syndulla is automatically included with the ship, and three more characters can be unlocked as the different tiers are reached: Ezra Bridger at 11,000 backers, Kanan Jarrus at 14,000, and Zeb Orrelios at 17,000.

Can The Ghost Project Unlock Every Tier?

Star Wars HasLab Ghost

As it stands, the Ghost is HasLab’s biggest Star Wars ship ever made. Built to 3.75″ action figure scale, the vehicle is fully accessible for the members of the Ghost crew, with removable panels making for easy entrance to the various sections of the rebel ship. Unsurprisingly, the Ghost hit the minimum of 8,000 backers in just a week, guaranteeing that the project will be completed by HasLab. In less than 1,000 backers, the Ezra Bridger tier will be unlocked next.

Given the popularity of the Ghost among Rebels fans, attaining each tier should come with relative ease. Ezra is a foregone conclusion, and with the release of Ahsoka in less than two weeks’ time, the ship’s appearance should give the project and extra boost. Kanan is arguably the most popular member of the Ghost crew, and with the alternate head from his “Jedi Night” appearance, there will likely be a push to hit his tier. The Zeb figure is a stunning interpretation of the character’s live-action and animated appearances, making the Lasat a must-have. If the three tiers are all knocked out, perhaps HasLab will include Sabine Wren and Chopper to complete the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels.

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