• Emily spent time outside of the Love Island USA villa with a different islander, sparking speculation about their connection.
  • Emily shared a suggestive video on TikTok, hinting at a potential romantic relationship.
  • It seems that Emily and Harrison’s relationship may have come to an end, as Emily’s actions would not be appropriate if she were still with Harrison.

Emily Chavez left Love Island USA with Harrison Luna, but she might be with a different contestant now. Emily entered the villa with Kenzo Ludo and Jonah Allman as one of three bombshells. Unfortunately, after coupling up with Harrison and remaining loyal to him, the couple was eliminated before Casa Amor.

This gave Emily little time to get to know anyone else or further her connection with Harrison. After she left, Mike Stark entered the villa as a bombshell with Imani Wheeler. Apparently, despite not being in the villa at the same time, the two have gotten a chance to know each other.

Emily & Mike Have Spent Time Together Outside The Love Island USA Villa

Mike Love Island USA Season 5

Mike was dumped from the Love Island USA villa during the red wedding mass elimination. Meanwhile, Emily had already been out of the villa with Harrison. The Love Island USA contestant said they weren’t exclusive but did have plans to see each other soon. Apparently, things have changed as Emily shared a video of her TikTok account of her hanging out with Mike. It’s unclear if anything romantic is going on between the two or if the video was just meant to get Love Island USA fans talking, but it’s obvious they’ve been spending some time together.

The two appear to be in one of their bedrooms, and Emily suggested something was going down by using Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction,” in the video. Typically, if Love Island contestants continue a relationship with a cast member outside the villa, it’s with someone they left with, but this clearly isn’t the case for Emily and Mike. The connection is extremely unexpected since they never met inside the villa. However, maybe Emily kept watching the show after her elimination and felt an immediate attraction to Mike when he joined Love Island USA.

Are Things Over For Emily & Harrison After Love Island USA?

Since they didn’t get much time together in the villa and Emily shared the suggestive video of her and Mike, it seems things have come to an end for her and Harrison. Even if she and Mike were just joking around and there isn’t anything romantic happening, it would not be an appropriate or respectful thing to post if she were still in a relationship with Harrison.

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The Love Island USA contestant clearly didn’t think her connection with the Australian islander was strong enough to last outside the villa. However, things between her and Mike might just work out even if no one saw it coming. It’s a shame the two didn’t get a chance to couple up with each other at the Love Island USA villa.

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