A representative of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly addresses rumors that the couple will be suing over South Park’s unflattering parody.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly respond to rumors that the couple is suing South Park over a parody of them. In the episode titled “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” which premiered on February 15, a likeness of Harry and Meghan are followed as they go on an international press tour to demand that they be left alone. A report published after the episode’s debut claimed that Meghan was “upset and overwhelmed” by the caricature, and a royal commentator speculated that the couple could sue South Park over the unflattering depiction.

In a statement released to E! News by a representative for Harry and Meghan, it has been revealed that the royal couple has no intention of starting a lawsuit against South Park. The rep says that any claims to the contrary are “frankly nonsense… totally baseless, boring reports.

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Why The South Park Lawsuit Rumors Never Made Sense

The Prince's parodies of Harry and Meghan reading scripts

Despite the South Park episode beginning with its common disclaimer that all characters in the series are fictional, even if they’re based on real people, there’s no question that the Prince of Canada and his wife are meant to parody Harry and Meghan. From the physical similarities of the characters, to the Prince’s autobiography Waaagh baring a striking resemblance to Harry’s real-life memoir Spare, the fictional characters are obviously based on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, South Park is far from the only series to parody the royal family.

In July 2021, the HBO adult animated sitcom The Prince premiered, which explicitly mocks the entire British royal family. Unlike South Park, which did not name Meghan and Harry outright, The Prince featured unflattering, satirical versions of the real-life monarchs. With Orlando Bloom voicing Prince Harry and Condola Rashad voicing Meghan Markle, the series was a crude comedy that didn’t even attempt to hide its spoof of the Windsors, and there were never even any reports of any member of the royal family attempting to sue the show for its unflattering depictions.

Given South Park‘s long history of mocking celebrities, and the number of television series, films, and other media that have parodied the royal family, it’s unlikely Meghan and Harry even considered moving forward with a lawsuit against South Park. As internationally known public figures, it’s inevitable that the couple would be satirized in mainstream media, and they’ve likely grown accustomed to such things. Regardless, the lawsuit scare seems to have had no effect on South Park, as the long-running show continues its legacy of pop culture parodies.

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