• Harley Quinn’s iconic mallet gets a powerful redesign in a variant cover, making it more potent than ever before.
  • The newly upgraded mallet, featured in Warren Louw’s variant cover, has an extended body, menacing spikes, and a red glow.
  • This enhanced mallet is perfect for Harley as she evolves into a cosmic hero, capable of taking on stronger opponents in DC’s multiverse.

The most iconic weapon in Harley Quinn’s arsenal gets a cool redesign in a stunning variant cover. Harley’s mallet becomes more powerful than ever with an upgrade that deserves to be canon.

November will be here soon and DC has shown off what fans can expect from 2023’s penultimate month. Jason Aaron sends Batman to space with a new miniseries, two underrated speedsters get a new Flash series with Speed Force, and Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong continues to shake up the DC Universe with Legendary’s Titans. Harley Quinn’s new anthology miniseries, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder also continues with a new issue.

When the women of a medieval village reach their breaking point about their men’s abusive ways, they make a terrifying choice…to enter the woods and conjure the spirit of the Harlequin! Harley Quinn animated series executive producer Justin Halpern and rising star Kath Lobo let Harley loose on a prison transport plane, intent on punishing the villain who let out a stinky fart. And WEBTOON creator Speremint shows what happens when Harley comes face-to-face with an internet impostor!

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #5 will see Bilquis Evely, Matheus Lops, Justin Halpern, Speremint, Kath Lobo bring three new comedic Harley-centric tales while Sana Takeda provides the issue’s cover. The fifth issue’s variant cover comes from Warren Louw, and it shows a devilish version of Harley Quinn. In addition to wearing a killer new costume and possessing horns, this Harley wields a powerful new mallet. It’s got an incredibly long body, and the head has rows of spikes and an ominous red glow.

Harley Quinn Shows Off a Powerful New Mallet

Harley Quinn Giant Mallet DC

Like everyone else in the DC Universe, Harley Quinn has an iconic weapon everyone associates with her. Nightwing has his escrima sticks, Green Lantern has a Power Ring, and Harley has a big-ass wooden mallet. Though she’ll fight with anything she can get her hands on, Haley’s primary weapon for years has been mallets of all shapes and sizes. She may switch it up for a much more lightweight baseball bat. But nothing does the kind of damage Harley Quinn can do when she swings her giant novelty hammer.

At first glance, Louw’s take on Harley Quinn’s weapon seems impractical. The handle is absurdly long and the head of the mallet looks like it’s impossible to lift. But Harley is quite athletic and stronger than people might think. She’s regularly handled oversized hammers before and could handle this one with no problem. This new version would actually be a step-up for Harley. The longer range and heavier weight could take out far more opponents and more resilient enemies than she’s used to fighting. Louw’s mallet would be perfect for Harley as she begins stepping up to become DC’s newest cosmic hero.

Harley Quinn’s Mallet is the Best New Weapon for Her

Harley Quinn and Hammer DC

Harley Quinn has quickly found herself being thrust onto the multiversal stage and has been given new powers to boot. While her newfound abilities allow her to plunder things from other universes, they’re not so good in a fight. If Harley is going to start making enemies out of people across DC’s various universes, she’s going to need a weapon much more powerful than a simple wooden mallet. The one featured in Louw’s variant would be perfect for Harley as she starts taking on stronger cosmic foes. Hopefully, Harley will earn a mallet like that someday. But for now, fans can see the upgraded weapon on Warren Louw’s variant for Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #5, available November 21st.

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