Warning! Contains preview pages for Harley Quinn #30!After getting a serious upgrade in power Harley Quinn is finally being confirmed as one of the DC Universe’s most important characters. Two familiar faces put into words what it is that puts Harley on the same level as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.


In a preview for Harley Quinn #30 by Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo, versions of Harley’s hyenas from Earth-48 tell her how dangerous her new multiversal powers are. Harley’s recent plundering of Captain Carrot’s Vorpal Fish from Earth-26 caused its heroes, the Zoo Crew, to fall in a battle. The variants of Bud and Lou tell Harley that her actions have the ability to change the directions of entire worlds. They also tell her that these are part of a test now that Harley is finding her profile rising as a hero (or as Lou puts it, she’s been ‘Batmanned’). In the same way that Bruce Wayne is a highly capable mortal who is at the center of the DC Universes’s calamities and Crises, Harley has risen to the same level as the Dark Knight in terms of cosmic importance.

Harley Quinn is as Important as Batman

While she’s never been one for superpowers, Harley has recently got the most confusing and potentially devastating ability of all time. While in the middle of a war with Two-Face, Harley accidentally stole a fish from a neighboring Earth in the multiverse. She was later informed by Lady Quark of Earth-48 that, if used recklessly, Harley’s powers could imperil the DC Universe and beyond. Since then, Harley’s been trying to figure out how to put an end to her abilities and avoid Lady Quark from handling the matter herself.

That might be a lot for Harley to deal with, but at the very least, this misadventure has helped establish just how important Harley Quinn is to the greater DC Universe. In the past few years, Harley’s star has risen considerably. She’s headlined a number of books, and she’s even joined the Justice League a few times. DC President, Publisher, and CCO Jim Lee has even gone on record calling her the ‘Fourth Pillar’ of the DC Universe, a title that some found controversial. However, with Harley finding herself being ‘Batmanned’, it’s hard to claim she isn’t a crucial part of the DC Universe.

Harley Quinn Has Ascended to Iconic DC Status

Harley Quinn in Classic 90s Costume

While Harley Quinn is undoubtedly a popular character in real life, there hasn’t been much to reflect her iconic status in canon. Sure, she gets to star in a lot of books and has plenty of team-ups, but rarely has she gotten to be the star of a giant cosmic story in the same way that DC’s other pillars, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, do. Harley Quinn’s epic struggle with her new powers reaffirms just how big a star Harley actually is and how important she is to the wider DC Universe. Fans can see more of Harley’s new powers in Harley Quinn #30, on sale May 23rd.

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