• Harley Quinn explores a new version of herself as a traditional hero in Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #2 preview.
  • In this nightmare realm, Harley is confronted with her fear of becoming a member of the Justice League.
  • Harley’s new Harlequin persona represents her fear of losing her unique identity and everything that makes her Harley.

Warning! Preview pages for Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #2 ahead!A couple of tweaks to Harley Quinn’s past have given her an interesting new costume, name, and origin story. While trapped in a nightmare, Harley sees what life would have been like had she been given a more ‘traditional’ origin.

In a preview for Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #2 by Tini Howard and Hayden Sherman, Harley is still trapped in the Nightmare Realm, and is struggling to break free. As a voice torments Harley over her inner fears of being a Justice League member, she parses through a copy of the Multiversity guidebook, seeing herself in a more traditional superhero outfit. She decides to give in and explore what her life would have been like as a straightforward hero. The voice shows Harley a world where she’s Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a prominent neurosurgeon and an Olympic gold medalist who gained powers in an experiment that unlocked 100% of her mental abilities. Now in addition to being one of the most accomplished people in the world, she’s also the heroic Harlequin and shows off a Golden Age-style costume that keeps her red and black motif but adds in a diamond symbol, cape, and mask.

Harley Quinn Gains New Harlequin Name and Costume












Like the rest of the DC Universe during Knight Terrors, Harley Quinn is trapped in a world of bad dreams as a villain named Insomnia hunts down a powerful treasure called the Nightmare Stone. However, Harley fared better than most and managed to beat the swarm of nightmares Insomnia threw at her. However, Insomnia continued to prod into Harley’s subconscious where he discovered the struggles she’d been facing over the idea of being a hero. Harley even admitted that becoming a member of the Justice League was her biggest nightmare.

It might seem surprising that Harley Quinn fears being a hero above all else, but it makes sense. Her recent adventures in her self-titled series have seen Harley become the center of a cosmic feud with Lady Quark due to Harley’s misuse of her recently-gained multiversal powers. Harley has repeatedly stated that she doesn’t want to be on the same level as other heroes, nor take on the same duties they do. Though the Harlequin outfit and name might seem like a positive change for Harley, it represents her fear of moving on and losing everything that makes her Harley.

Harley Quinn Doesn’t Want to Be a ‘Traditional’ Superhero

harley quinn with spiked bat giving deadly kiss

Everything about Harley Quinn’s nightmare encapsulates what she fears becoming a hero will mean. The Harlequin lacks Harley’s style, her history, and her edge. It’s Harley without that special something that truly turned Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quinn. There’s no arguing that Harley Quinn had a rough origin story thanks to the Joker. She’s even tried to change it herself with magic. Harley wants to be authentic to herself, and she’s afraid that becoming a more ‘traditional’ hero will leave her without any of the traits that she loves about herself. Fans can see Harley confront her inner demons in Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #2, on sale August 22nd.

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