Players can get a Railgun in GTA Online and use it against enemies that refuse to give up or take down heavy-duty vehicles such as a Tank. Earlier, the Railgun was only accessible in a few missions, not in GTA Online’s Free Roam. However, players can now purchase the gun from a vendor that appears at different locations on the map.

The Railgun can be bought from the secret vehicle Gun Van vendor in GTA Online. Since this gun is extremely powerful, it was fitting to have it sold by a mysterious vendor who is hard to track. The Gun Van also offers significant discounts for other weapons if players need something other than the Rail Gun.


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Rail Gun Vendor Location

The Gun Van Parked in a Oil Refinery in GTA Online

The Gun Van is different from a typical store in GTA Online as it can be found in 30 different spots, which changes daily. Also, unlike other vendors, players will not be able to discover the Gun Van’s icon until they are near its location. Therefore, here are a few possible locations where the Gun Van can spawn in GTA Online’s massive map:

Once players find the Gun Van, they can purchase the Railgun from the ‘Weapons’ menu. However, players should know that the Rail Gun costs $250,000 (10% discount).

Discounts are only available for players with bronze, silver, or gold medals.

How To Use The Rail Gun

GTA Online Player Carrying a Rail Gun

The Rail Gun is most effective against enemies that use armored vehicles. Since GTA Online‘s Rail Gun can do immense damage, it is best used against Choppers, Tanks, Armored Cars, and other vehicles. Additionally, the Rail Gun is best used from a distance as it can damage the player if they fire the weapon from close-range. The Rail Gun is also beginner-friendly as it has no recoil and can take down most vehicles with a single hit.

The Rail Gun and some of the best weapons in GTA Online are now only available via the Gun Van after the Los Santos Drug War update. Players should keep in mind that the Gun Van cannot be summoned to a player’s location, meaning they will have to search for it daily. Nevertheless, it is worth seeking out the Gun Van, as the Rail Gun is currently the most potent weapon in the game. Not only does this weapon give GTA Online players an edge, but it also makes their experience far easier.

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