Tommy Vercetti is already known as one of Rockstar’s most dangerous characters, but he may have an unexpected connection to one of Grand Theft Auto 6‘s protagonists. With the series returning to Vice City, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the old gangster showed up again, and if he does, his return could be more of a shock if he has a connection with one of the new leads.

So far, there is only a little information regarding the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 6 to work off of. The duo consists of a man named Jason and a woman named Lucia, and the two of them are acting as a team. They’re likely to have a gameplay dynamic similar to that of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s quick-swapping protagonists, promising some interesting missions, but a deeper connection between Jason, Lucia, and GTA 5’s playable characters is also possible.


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Lucia Could Be Tommy Vercetti’s Daughter

Tommy with a telephone in GTA

In order for it to even be possible for Lucia to be Tommy’s daughter, the timelines of the games would have to match up. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes place in 1986, as the game’s 80s aesthetic makes very clear. Tommy was born in 1951, making him 35 during the events of Vice City.

Although what happened to Tommy after Vice City isn’t known, there’s no way that he could have had a child before the game’s events due to him spending the prior 15 years in prison. Lucia would have to have been born sometime after 1986 for the theory to hold water.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is due to be set in a version of Vice City that is closer to the present day, so for the sake of theory, it can be assumed to take place in 2023. Judging by the amount of time between the two games’ events, that would mean that Lucia could only be 37 years old at the oldest to potentially be Tommy’s daughter.

Since there hasn’t been much information revealed outside of Grand Theft Auto 6‘s leaked protagonist details, her age is currently unknown, but seems to be in the ballpark enough for this to be plausible. Tommy had not yet reached middle age at the time that Vice City took place, so there is a span of several years where he could have fathered Lucia.

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GTA: Vice City Has A Possible Candidate For Lucia’s Mother

Mercedes Cortez from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Since the timeline allows the possibility of Tommy being Lucia’s father, there is still another questing regarding her parentage that must be asked. Tommy is Italian, but Lucia is Latina, so in order for the theory to work, Lucia’s mother would have to be Latina as well. As fate would have it, one Vice City character that could return is not only Latina, she might be the best option for a love interest that Tommy may have had.

Mercedes Cortez was the daughter of Tommy’s friend, Juan Cortez, and played a role in a few of the game’s missions. Although not a major character, she had a flirtatious relationship with Tommy, who seemed to reciprocate, at least to a degree. While the two of them never became an official couple during the game, a conversation that Tommy has with Juan at the end of the game implies that he and Mercedes at least remained in touch. If Tommy and Mercedes’ relationship went deeper than what was shown, it’s possible that Lucia could be their previously unknown daughter.

If Mercedes is Lucia’s mother, then there is the added question of whether Tommy is aware of Lucia’s existence, which could give Grand Theft Auto 6 a unique story for the series if handled well. It’s possible that he could have either lost or cut off contact with Mercedes, similar to what he did with Ken prior to San Andreas. Whatever the answer to that question may be, one thing is clear. If Lucia is Tommy’s daughter, then Mercedes is the top choice to be her mother.

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Lucia Being Tommy’s Daughter Could Affect The Storyline Of GTA 6

Tommy Vercetti holding a gun in Grand Theft Auto with 2 fancy cars in the background

If Lucia is Tommy Vercetti’s daughter, then it is certain to come up during the story of Grand Theft Auto 6. After all, she’s returning to the city that her father essentially ran from the shadows in the 1980s, whether she knows it or not. If Tommy is still alive, the two of them would have to meet up at some point. The real question is how such a meeting would go.

One possibility is that players could see one of Grand Theft Auto‘s biggest criminal masterminds move to protect his estranged daughter, even though he may not be as powerful as he once was. He’ll be an old man by the time of GTA 6, but it would be an emotional scene for him to use his remaining power and influence to aid her. On the other hand, Tommy could fight against her for encroaching on his territory regardless, which would likely shake Lucia to the core. It’s also possible that both scenarios could come to pass, with Tommy starting out aggressive, then having a change of heart when he realizes Lucia’s true identity.

The revelation of Tommy’s parenthood would be a major development, especially regarding how he would react. Vice City didn’t spend a lot of time showing Tommy as anything other than aggressive and ambitious, so such a discovery could show off a new side of him. Although it would be easy to make Tommy the villain of GTA 6, having him play a fatherly role could show that there’s more to his character.

If Lucia turns out to be Tommy’s daughter, it could be one of the most intriguing parts of Grand Theft Auto 6‘s story. While such a twist would likely take a lot of players by surprise, it would be a chance for the GTA writers to cover territory they haven’t written before. For that reason, Lucia being Tommy’s daughter in Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a remarkable twist.

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