Green Lantern has an awesome new status quo, and a stunning cosplay shoot is likewise taking Hal Jordan back to basics. Hal has been through the wringer over the past few years, but now, in a new title written by Jeremy Adams and drawn by Xermanico, he is getting back to life as an earthbound hero and expert pilot – one who breaks all the rules, and does it in style.


And now, michael.hamm.cosplay recreates Hal Jordan’s new direction with a photo shoot shared on Instagram. The first shows Hal Jordan mid-transformation, his ring crackling with energy. The second shows Hal in his test pilot outfit – but underneath is his Green Lantern outfit; once again, Hal’s ring is glowing. The third and final shot shows Hal, still wearing his test pilot suit, standing at the end of a runway. He is ripping off the suit to reveal the Green Lantern uniform underneath, preparing to fly to the help of those in need.

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Hal Jordan Is Back to Basics as Green Lantern

While Hal Jordan was not the first Green Lantern, he is by far the most popular. One of the key figures in comics’ Silver Age, as well as a founding member of the Justice League, Green Lantern patrols the spaceways of Sector 2814, keeping it safe from the likes of Sinestro, the Black Hand and Hector Hammond. Hal has extensive experience both on Earth and in space, though he prefers to avoid his home planet when possible, preparing to explore the galaxy.

Recently, the Corps were attacked by a renegade Guardian, and in the process the central battery was destroyed and many Green Lanterns killed or depowered. Hal, John and the surviving members of the Corps were able to defeat the rogue Guardian, but the Guardians themselves left reality, leaving the Corps in the care of the United Planets – a move that has angered some, including Hal Jordan, who left in protest when the Corps’ protection was rescinded from Earth. Now, back on Earth, he is trying to rebuild his life, including his relationship with Carol Ferris and career as a pilot.

Green Lantern Is Once Again Earth’s Maverick Protector

Green Lantern Hal Back DC Comics

Green Lantern has been around, in one form or another, for over 80 years. Hal Jordan has been around for over 60 of them and in that time, he has undergone several changes in direction. He began as a courageous but cocky test pilot and grew into a great hero. There have been times when Hal has worked only in space and others where he was Earthbound as a core Justice League member – even times when he was a villain. But as Hal gets a new start as part of the Dawn of DC era, he is once again the suave and coky test pilot he was in his first appearance – something this awesome Green Lantern cosplay nails.

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