Grant Gustin is open to playing a different superhero in the future after The Flash TV show concludes. It’s the end of an era for the Arrowverse as The Flash season 9 is about to wrap up the series for good this week on The CW. As Barry Allen takes on his final battle, The Flash is officially the franchise’s longest-running series in Greg Berlanti’s DC TV universe, with Gustin being the actor to have starred the longest out of any Arrowverse star.


As Gustin has hung up his Flash suit, the actor is not against the idea of returning to the superhero genre. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gustin talked about the prospects of potentially doing another superhero gig. Whether he ever reprises the role of The Flash or takes on another iconic comic book character, Gustin is definitely open to the possibility, as long it is “a character I was excited about,” sharing the following:

I’m not going to say I’m hanging it up for good. I have no idea what the future holds. And not even Flash-related — so many people would ask what I wanted to do when this chapter was over, and how I probably wouldn’t want to do superhero things again, but no, I grew up a fan of this genre. I love this genre, I love sci-fi stuff, I love superhero stuff, so I would be open to doing any superhero thing again, Flash or something else, as long as it was a character I was excited about. I would honestly love for someone to call me about some Flash-related thing at some point down the line.

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Could Grant Gustin Join James Gunn’s DC Universe After The Flash?

Grant Gustin as The Flash In Titans Cameo

With Gustin’s comments, it begs the question of whether or not the Arrowverse star could potentially take part in James Gunn’s DC Universe after The Flash. One of the great things about DC’s live-action properties is that they love to do legacy castings where they tap actors who have already played an iconic DC role. John Wesley Shipp’ is a prime example when it comes to the Arrowverse, as he got to play not only his Flash from the 1990s TV show but also Henry Allen and Jay Garrick.

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It would be fun if Gunn’s DC Universe did something similar with Gustin, especially given his legacy as the actor to have played The Flash the longest. Depending on what they will do with The Flash in the new DC Universe, perhaps Gustin could come in and play someone else from the speedster’s DC lore as a big nod to his time as the Scarlet Speedster. There is also the idea of Gustin playing someone entirely not-Flash-related in Gunn’s upcoming franchise if they don’t want to be too much on the nose.

Time will tell if Gustin ever does another superhero role again, especially after playing The Flash for nearly a decade. It wouldn’t be shocking if, once he has had some distance from The Flash TV show’s conclusion, he revisits the genre down the line. But for now, fans can tune in this Wednesday to catch The Flash series finale on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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