• Grant Gustin’s portrayal of Barry Allen in the Arrowverse solidified his place in The Flash’s history, while Ezra Miller’s version in The Flash movie received mixed reviews.
  • The failure of The Flash movie highlights the lasting impact of Gustin’s decade-long portrayal, as fans were disappointed he didn’t appear in the film.
  • Gustin’s performances in the Arrowverse, along with the crossover events and the importance of the DC TV universe, demonstrate that he will be more remembered in the role of The Flash than Miller.

Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen is the superior version of The Flash opposite Ezra Miller’s Barry in The Flash movie video edit. Gustin played Barry Allen for a decade in the Arrowverse, leading nine seasons of The Flash and cementing his name in the speedster’s history. Miller appeared in a few DCEU movies as Barry before getting their solo movie, The Flash. Despite its multiverse story, The Flash movie didn’t include Gustin.

On TikTok, @flow.vfxx shared a The Flash video edit with Gustin and Miller’s versions of the character from their respective universes.

In the video, Miller’s young Barry Allen variant in The Flash claims he is The Flash, with Gustin’s Barry then boasting that he will never be as fast as he is. Sadly, The Flash bombed at the box office, and many DC fans were unhappy that Gustin didn’t get a chance to appear in the film, with The Flash‘s multiverse cameos receiving backlash.

The Flash Movie Proved Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen Will Be Better Remembered

Custom image of Grant Gustin's Barry Allen on the left with his face visible and The Flash running away from the camera, with lots of lightining behind, on the right.

The Flash movie became a historical box office bomb, going far below the expectations that were set early for the film, as new DC Universe creative chief James Gunn, as well as many celebrities like Tom Cruise and Stephen King, praised the movie before its release. Miller’s Barry Allen was never unanimous with DC fans, and with The Flash bombing, their legacy as the character is not in the best spot.

On the other hand, The Flash movie’s failure proved that Gustin’s Barry Allen will be better remembered than Miller’s. Gustin had a decade as Barry onscreen, with the Arrowverse at one point doing the heavy lifting for DC as its movie side, the DCEU in which Miller’s Barry Allen appeared in, faltered. While The Flash series didn’t keep the same level of quality it had in earlier seasons throughout the show, Gustin continued to receive praise for his time as Barry with every season. After not showing up in The Flash, fans want Gustin as The Flash in The Batman 2.

The Arrowverse’s crossover events were some of the most ambitious live-action offerings in superhero media, with Crisis on Infinite Earths bringing characters from several DC shows and movies from outside the Arrowverse, including Miller’s Barry Allen, together with Gustin’s The Flash and other heroes, a better multiverse story than the one told in Miller’s The Flash movie. At the end of the day, the quality of Gustin’s performances as The Flash, the importance of the Arrowverse for DC, The Flash movie bombing, and the fans’ disappointment that Gustin didn’t appear in The Flash show that the actor will be more remembered in the role than Miller.

Source: @flow.vfxx/TikTok

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