Google released the Pixel 7a at I/O 2023, unveiling the phone in four beautiful finishes. Every year, Google comes up with some really cool colors for its Pixel phones. For instance, the 2018 Pixel 3 came out in the Not Pink finish, and Pixel 4 hit the market in the Oh So Orange trim the following year. Even with the latest Pixel 7 series, the company offers a unique Lemongrass shade beside the regular white and black models.


Pixel 7a is available in four colors: Snow, Charcoal, Sea, and the online-only Coral. In each style, the aluminum camera visor is tinted to fit in with the color scheme. The Snow finish has a white rear panel with a polished aluminum frame and camera visor. However, the bezels on the front are black. For reference, it is the same color that Google offers with the flagship Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro.

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Choose From Four Different Pixel 7a Colors

Pixel 7a revealed at the Google IO with price

Next, buyers can get the Pixel 7a in the Charcoal finish, which comes with a dark-gray rear panel/frame, similar to the Pixel 7’s Obsidian variant. The black bezels are more suited to this color than to Snow. Among these, the Snow finish would suit buyers who like to use their phone with a bright theme, whereas the Charcoal finish complements the in-built dark mode on Pixel 7a. It is important to mention that these finishes differ from what users got with the Pixel 6a’s Chalk and Charcoal trims.

Now, let’s talk about the new colors Google hasn’t used for any other smartphone: Sea and Coral. The Sea variant of the Pixel 7a has a light blue rear panel that is soothing to the eyes. The metallic frame on the sides is covered in a shiny version of the hue, giving it a pleasing look. In the promo pictures, Google flaunts this color with a similar Material You theme on the screen, which looks quite attractive. However, like the Snow trim, Sea also has black bezels on the front.

Enthusiasts who love bright phone colors should consider the Pixel 7a in Coral finish, with a pinkish-orange rear panel and a similar shiny frame. However, just like Samsung saves some colors for its online store, Google has decided to sell the Coral Pixel 7a exclusively through its online store, which means that the variant won’t be available offline. No matter what color buyers end up with, the Pixel 7a is a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

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