• Good Omens creator Neil Gaiman responds to fan theories that Crowley is secretly Lucifer, explaining that Crowley is just Crowley, not the fallen angel himself.
  • Gaiman disproves the theory by referring to Crowley’s dialogue in the show, where he talks about Lucifer and the boys while complaining about his own choices.
  • While Crowley is not Lucifer, there is more to his past as an angel and his role in creation, hinting at a potentially deeper history that could be explored in future seasons.

Good Omens creator Neil Gaiman responds to and thoroughly explains why a popular recent fan theory questioning whether Crowley is secretly Lucifer is wrong, opening up about the demonic hierarchies of Hell. The demonic companion of Michael Sheen’s good-natured book-loving angel Aziraphale is portrayed by David Tennant in Prime Video’s adaptation of Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel. Across Good Omens’ currently released two seasons, Aziraphale and Crowley have met each other throughout human history, averted the Apocalypse, cheated divine punishment, and solved the case behind a missing angel.

While Good Omens fans recover from season 2’s heartbreaking ending, many have begun to thoroughly analyze the events of the new episodes, with a number of fans reaching out to Gaiman himself through his personal Tumblr to ask about a theory surrounding a potential hidden chapter of Crowley’s life. While some believed that Crowley may in fact be the fallen angel Lucifer due to diverging takes on the Devil’s identity across cultures and the wording of Crowley’s dialogue in a scene in Good Omens season 1, Gaiman dispelled the theory and stated that Crowley was just Crowley, referring to the original dialogue that established Crowley as different from Lucifer. Check out Gaiman’s response below:

But he talks about hanging out with Lucifer and the boys when he’s getting drunk in the pub in Season 1. And he’s obviously not suddenly talking about himself randomly in the third person while inebriated in a conversation in which he’s complaining about the choices that led him to that pub and two bottles of Talisker…


Feel free to write all the Crowley is secretly Lucifer fictions you like, but that has to be fanfic I’m afraid.

Is There More To Crowley’s Past As An Angel?

Good Omens 2 Michael Sheen and David Tennant as Aziraphale and Crowley

Throughout Good Omens season 2, the lives of Aziraphale and Crowley were expanded on beyond what was seen in the original novel, as the series delved into previously unseen chapters of their past, as well as their ongoing relationship. Like season 1, the new episodes showed Aziraphale and Crowley’s many meetings at significant Biblical events and whereabouts in human history, with season 2 including their role in the tale of Job (Peter Davison) and grave-digging shenanigans in Victorian-era Scotland. But alongside this, audiences were also given their earliest meeting, as season 2 opened with Crowley’s life as an Angel before he sauntered down to Hell.

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During Good Omens season 2’s opening, Crowley was seen creating beautiful constellations and cosmic marvels across the Solar System, gleefully marveling at what the universe could offer. It was only when Aziraphale revealed that this existence’s destruction had already been planned that Crowley’s mind started to wander from his heavenly duties, leading to his downfall. While Crowley’s role in creation hinted at him having a potentially key role in the universe, it was his brief infiltration of Heaven in episode 6 that hinted at something more to his Angelic duties, as he was revealed to have once possessed a high-ranking status that gave him immense clearance into Heaven’s systems.

While Crowley may not be Lucifer himself, it is clear that there is more to the demon than he willingly shows. Between his role in creation and high-level clearance, Crowley has been established as someone potentially even more loyal to Heaven at one point than his close partner, making his fall all the more significant. While Good Omens‘ season 3 chances are in flux, perhaps Gaiman’s ideas for the next chapter could hold the answers of Crowley’s true history.

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