Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery once again finds the eccentric private detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) entangled in a murder mystery with a new set of suspects who loudly demonstrate their MBTI® types. In the Knives Out sequel film, Blanc is mysteriously invited alongside a group of stars and influencers to a gathering on billionaire Miles Bron’s (Edward Norton) private Greek island. Miles prepares a murder mystery game to entertain his guests, but his party quickly takes a dark turn when someone is suddenly killed for real.

The first Knives Out was a massive success, effectively playing with the conventions of a traditional murder mystery as Blanc underwent his investigation into the death of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). While the two movies are wildly different in terms of story and location, they’re structured similarly: first, Blanc takes on a new case, and second, Glass Onion’s new star-studded cast is introduced and swept up in a puzzling narrative, in which motives and MBTI® types are exposed.

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Benoit Blanc – INTJ

Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Benoit Blanc is an INTJ to his core, applying rationality to everything he does, even the most trivial of activities; the scene in which he fiercely plays Among Us is a great example of that. To him, everything is the result of tiny details that come together, and he tries to catch them all.

Because he’s constantly lost in his private little world, Blanc is a difficult person to read; a vital characteristic of a profession that requires bluffing a lot. He’s devoted to information and other people’s behavior, constantly offering himself puzzles to solve. While he thrives as a detective, he’s hardly a fun person to hang out with. Arriving on the island, he looks lost in the midst of all that social interaction.

Miles Bron – ESTP

Miles smiling at the dinner table in Glass Onion

Glass Onion is one of Norton’s best movies, and he delivers his best supporting performance in a long time. ESTPs are known as the “Entrepreneurs”, a term that applies directly to Miles Bron. He’s excessively affluent and dangerously charismatic, offering status and wealth to keep a secret that could immediately destroy his career.

Miles is highly action-oriented and likes people to jump on board with his ideas, trying out new bold experiences and tactics that apply to both his social and professional life. His risk-taker reputation precedes him, but he doesn’t like to be called out, which explains why Benoit Blanc’s presence poses such a threat to him.

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Helen Brand – ISFP

Janelle Monáe in a white suit in Glass Onion

Helen (Janelle Monáe) likes to carry out a peaceful, simple life with the ones she loves, but she can’t refuse a good adventure. Helen has some great quotes in Glass Onion, many of which she delivers to Blanc when they join forces. She not only because she wants to understand what happened to her sister Andi (also Monáe) but also because of the thrill of unmasking the person responsible for her death.

Helen likes to live in the present and doesn’t let the turbulent relationship she led with her sister stop her from seeking out justice. Because she’s attentive to the people around her, she manages to capture all of Andi’s idiosyncrasies when impersonating her, although Helen’s unpredictable personality usually takes her off track, giving rise to conflicts that could mess up the whole plan she orchestrates with Blanc.

Whiskey – ESFP

Whiskey looking mortified in Glass Onion

Just like Blanc, Whiskey (Madelyn Cline) simply jumps on the bandwagon by accompanying her boyfriend Duke (Dave Bautista) to Miles’ island. Her willingness to experience new things is a key trait of ESFP types. Glass Onion is Cline’s most memorable movie, as Whiskey is one of the most energetic characters, using her charm in her favor whenever she can, always dressing to the nines and looking her best, consequently becoming the center of attention.

Claire DeBella – ESTJ

Claire Glass Onion

Claire (Kathryn Han) is a character with a strong sense of justice, although her obsession with professional status prevents her from following her good instincts. She’s strong-willed and heavily argumentative, which makes her a dangerous opponent in a debate. For this reason, her stubbornness can often be a strong weapon when conveying the image she wants people to believe.

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Claire likes everything meticulously planned and organized, so when Duke is murdered, she finds herself on the verge of a breakdown. In the face of an uncomfortable situation, ESTJs feel lost and attach themselves to unreliable impulses, which is why Claire’s mask quickly falls off.

Duke Cody – ESTP

Dave Bautista as Duke in Glass Onion confronting his mom

Bautista proves he’s the best ex-wrestler actor with his Duke Cody role — a vulnerable, yet ignorant character who meets a horrifying fate in the Glass Onion. As a men’s rights streamer, Duke understands his audience well and responds to them with passion and energy. ESTPs like high-risk, high-reward strategies, which explains why Duke asked his girlfriend Whiskey to seduce Miles and help him bolster his career.

While he seems chaotic and unpredictable on the surface, Duke is a great long-term planner, but he can easily become nervous in a situation that goes against his own objectives.

Peg – ISTJ

Peg looking tired and hungover in Glass Onion

Peg (Jessica Henwick) is Birdie’s (Kate Hudson) loyal and responsible assistant. Her strong sense of morals and honest personality makes her the perfect person to advise someone so controversial and prone to unethical behavior like Birdie; Peg’s main task is to keep her boss in line, and that’s the conflict between the two throughout most of the film.

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The least intelligent character in Glass Onion, Birdie gives in to spontaneity and only does what suits her in the moment while Peg is always playing by the rules of the book and orchestrating plan Bs. Peg’s reserved personality usually makes her hard to notice among the flashier characters, but she’s one of the most reasonable people on the island.

Birdie – ESFP

Kate Hudson Birdie Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery

Most of the characters in Glass Onion are deeply flawed and Birdie is no different. She loves herself more than anything and is terribly inconsiderate of other people’s feelings, which are some of the worst traits of the ESFP type. But while she’s a bad friend and difficult to work with, Birdie is often the life of the party and the perfect person to have fun with.

Where there’s laughter and music, Birdie will be there, or in some cases, she’ll be the one to kick things off. Birdie is inspired by Kardashian-esque it girls and loves to be the center of attention, as seen by bright, attention-grabbing outfits and loud bursts of excitement.

Lionel Toussaint – ISTJ

Lionel Glass Onion

Lionel doesn’t like what he sees on Miles’s island and finds it difficult to hide his opinions. In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Murder Mystery, he is in a constant state of suspicion that only aggravates when someone is killed. As an ISTJ, Lionel puts purpose in everything that he does and meticulously plans his objectives. He loves to lay out all the reasons why something will not work and hates to be boxed in. As the head scientist of Miles’ company, Lionel is highly dedicated and practical, but he tends to blame himself for problems that are clearly caused by Miles’ greedy personality.

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